Power Your eCommerce Business with Cloud Telephony

Recently the eCommerce sector has faced a great paradigm shift in the consumer's buying pattern. As per the latest survey and study around the eCommerce sector, the eCommerce sector's contribution to global retail sales by 2024 is anticipated to be around 21.8%. Thus, ECommerce has emerged as an indispensable part of the global retail market. Are you an eCommerce business owner who want to boost the sales and demands of your products? Then opt for cloud telephony to enhance the business trajectory.

Different Types of IVR Call Centre Solutions for eCommerce

  1. Conversational IVR System – The consumer can witness real-time experience taking assistance from a customer care executive in the conversational IVR System. In this IVR call centre, the customer will not be directed to several unnecessary steps by pressing keys.
  1. Outbound IVR System – An ECommerce business can automate and send customised messages to the customer's list saved in the outbound IVR system. The customised messages or the notifications can be sent via different channels such as SMS or text messages, e-mails, social media posts, or automated voice calls. These IVR call centre solutions for eCommerce are broadly used in planning and launching various marketing strategies and solutions.
  2. Self-Service IVR System – In the self-service IVR system, eCommerce businesses can deliver an improved customer experience by following the medium of self-servicing solutions. In this IVR call centre, the customer can verify and track the details about their order delivery, the order cancellation status, and the order refund status and exhibiting the involvement of the call centre executive through automatic self-servicing IVR options.
  3. Visual IVR system – In the visual IVR system, the customer can avail the support and services from the eCommerce customer help services or call centre services via their mobile phone. In this IVR call centre, the customer does not need to connect with the real-time assistance of a customer care executive. Therefore, these IVR systems are highly flexible and faster than the other IVR services.

Top 3 Ways Cloud Telephony Can Help eCommerce

  1. Flexible order update system – With the help of the different types of cloud telephony services, you can easily save and store the order purchase information of the customer. In addition, it will help the customer to easily track and verify the order details such as order status, timeline, or delay issues.
  2. Promote marketing campaigns to push sales – With the help of cloud telephony services, you can easily promote marketing campaigns to push sales by automating customised messages via different modes and saving the activity details of the customer.
  3. Builds trust in the brand and business – Trust building is one of the most vital factors in the eCommerce business. With the help of cloud telephony services, you can build the most effective brand image in front of your consumers by providing Toll-Free Numbers or TFN, custom IVR services, and instant on-call query resolution services.

Cloud telephony services have emerged as a saviour to the eCommerce sector. They have affected it in many ways, from a sudden rise in sales and demands to huge increments in profits and turnover rates.

Automated IVR solutions can levitate business brand image, save expenses, and generate fulfilling sales leads. To know more about Cloud Telephony, visit us now!

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