MoEngage and ValueFirst come together to build Meaningful Conversational Experiences

ValueFirst, India’s leading CpaaS player, has announced a strategic partnership with MoEngage, an industry leading, insights-led customer engagement platform. ValueFirst will now be helping brands scale at speed being a part of the MoEngage Catalyst Partner Program. This collaboration aims to revolutionize customer engagement and foster growth across various messaging channels and empower global brands to enhance conversions and ROI using actionable insights.

Through the integration of MoEngage and ValueFirst, brands gain the capability to execute highly targeted SMS and WhatsApp notification campaigns at scale. Leveraging ValueFirst within the MoEngage platform, brands can deliver personalized campaigns to a vast audience. Additionally, this integration enables campaigns on RCS Business Messaging platforms.

By utilizing this joint offering, brands can provide unparalleled personalization on a large scale while ensuring precise targeting. Consequently, customer experience is enhanced, leading to increased conversions across different channels. Furthermore, brands can thoroughly analyze the performance of their unified campaigns, gain valuable insights, and optimize strategies accordingly.

"At MoEngage, we pride ourselves on helping consumer brands provide seamless, omnichannel experiences to their customers. In continuation with our efforts, we are pleased to partner with ValueFirst. With ValueFirst’s CPaaS expertise across SMS and WhatsApp, and our insights-led approach to customer engagement, we look forward to driving scale, maximising conversions, and boosting ROI sustainably." said Raviteja Dodda, CEO and Co-Founder of MoEngage

Vishwadeep Bajaj, CEO & Founder of ValueFirst, emphasized the significance of the integration, stating, "We are thrilled about this partnership with MoEngage as it unlocks new possibilities for enterprises to engage with their customers on SMS and WhatsApp. Our collaboration aims to help enterprises improve customer experience, lower acquisition costs, and drive business excellence."