How Cloud Telephony is Changing Human Resource Space?

Lately, cloud telephony has expanded its service and operations across several sectors. As per a previous survey done by Statista, the global cloud telephony market has experienced around 9 per cent of growth in 2020. While in 2021, the global cloud telephony market is estimated to grow by around 17.8 per cent.

Cloud telephony has opened a vast line of services and opportunities for the human resource sector across multiple service domains. This cloud telephony article has enlisted the top segments that reflect how cloud telephony is evolving the human resource space.

1. Smooth Employee On boarding

Employee on boarding is one of the most tedious and challenging segments in the human resource space. Cloud telephony offers a seamless platform to conduct post-hiring formalities for new employees. It is practised through automating instructional, induction, or on boarding related emails and streamlining hierarchical communication.

2. Streamlined Hiring Process

The human resource team in the organization has several hiring processes for several departments. It requires a seamless telephonic service that can smoothen out the hiring process at minimal costs. Here, cloud telephony plays a significant role in streamlining the hiring process for the human resource team. The cloud telephony solutions come with outbound IVR or voice broadcasting services that reduce the human resource team efforts and automate the initial shortlisting prospects for various job roles. This solution interacts with the prospects through DTMF inputs or keypad inputs through questioning them a set of predefined questions. The prospects' responses are recorded in the system. Later, the human resource team can easily access their responses through a user-friendly portal.

3. Efficient Employee Feedback

Employees of any organization feel valued and connected to be a part of the organization when there is transparency in communication horizontally or vertically. When a company or department puts in efforts to hear out their employees, it strengthens the bond and faith of the employee in the employer. The telephonic cloud system with incoming calling tools would be the best option for the human resource department to avail the seamless employee feedback system. It will help the human resource team seek honest feedback on the organization's environment and challenges. They can evaluate and analyze the feedback to improve the organization's functionality

4. Better HR Functionalities

Apart from enlisted HR operations, cloud telephony supports various HR functionalities:

a). Improved transparency: Cloud telephony related services can be accessed from a single platform. It enables the human resource team to effortlessly track employees and their activities.

b). Better security: Cloud telephony offers better security and reliability, ensuring that the employee data is secure and backed up on required cloud servers.

c). Highly flexible and scalable: The cloud telephony solutions are highly flexible and scalable that promotes the growth of the business by eliminating certain features of the user's choice.

d). Lower costs: The cloud telephony communication solution chops down charges for long-dialing hours and eliminates huge hardware and maintenance costs. It also comes with an easy installation that ensures negligible expense on setting the telephonic cloud system in any organization.

Subsequently, cloud telephony can significantly enhance and help the human resource sector improve employee engagement schemes, resulting in implausible employee growth. - ValueFirst's

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