Hello, SendGrid

The API-centric email platform, Twilio SendGrid, is now available with ValueFirst

The API-centric email platform, Twilio SendGrid, is now available with ValueFirst. This development brings together one of leading CPaaS players, ValueFirst, and the leading email API platform, Twilio SendGrid.

Twilio SendGrid has helped over 80,000 customers to make a meaningful impact with their email programs and experience how influential email success is to growing a healthy business.

Founded in 2003, ValueFirst is one of the leading CPaaS players in India, SEA & MENA region. ValueFirst connects businesses with consumers over telecom (SMS & Voice) and internet (Chatbots, Email & OTT) channels. Leading companies that rely on ValueFirst include Google, IndiGo, P&G, Network International, Nakheel Real-estate, Aster DM Healthcare, Al Ansari Exchange Emirates Red Crescent, AW Rostamani Group, AFNIC and Accenture MEA. ValueFirst became a Twilio company earlier this year in March.

The email needs of different businesses are unique, and this partnership will provide flexibility and effective solutions for every stage of a company’s growth. The partnership is beneficial in multiple ways:

Scale - With a capacity to send 90 billion emails monthly with an uptime of 99.99%

People - With a team of over 100 full-time email delivery experts

Innovation - With constant development on AI-powered deliverability, email marketing, automation, and multi-channel advertising

Commenting on the partnership, Vishwadeep Bajaj (CEO & Founder, ValueFirst) said that “Email adoption continues to explode driven by full scale “Digital Transformation” projects and the ever growing “Digital Marketing” spends. We are delighted to share that ValueFirst will now offer Twilio SendGrid as an integrated offering within ValueFirst cross-channel communication platform. We hope to scale Twilio Sendgrid usage in UAE and help our customers achieve great ROI through the product’s best email capabilities.”

For any queries, please write to press@vfirst.com