ValueFirst Partner Exchange

Unlocking the Potential of Messaging on WebEngage

Send RCS Business Messaging, SMS, and WhatsApp directly from WebEngage.

Why WebEngage + ValueFirst?

Triggered Messaging: Generate and nurture leads by sending timely and relevant messages on the right channel.
Relevant Content Delivery:Engage customers with content that is pertinent to their interests and needs, increasing their lifetime value.
Omnichannel Campaigns: Utilize SMS, WhatsApp, email, and RCS to reach prospects through their preferred communication platforms.
Email Integration: Incorporate email into your messaging strategy for broader reach and versatility.
RCS Messaging: Leverage Rich Communication Services (RCS) for interactive and engaging message experiences.
WhatsApp Rich Message:Enhance templates with images, files, buttons, product messages, list messages to capture attention and engage customers.
Campaign Optimization: Use real-time data from your dashboard to optimize campaigns. Track the status of messages, including sent, delivered, and errors, to improve effectiveness.
Actionable Insights: Analyze performance metrics to refine strategies and achieve better results.
Robust Infrastructure: Handle a daily peak of 230 Million messages, ensuring high performance and reliability.
Global Uptime: Maintain 99.99% uptime across services, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication.
Data Center Coverage:Operate data centers across 4 countries to ensure compliance with local regulations and deliver optimal performance.
Global Reach, Local Expertise: Benefit from extensive connectivity and local knowledge to enhance service delivery.