ValueFirst Partner Exchange

Smarter Messaging Automation with Salesforce

Send SMS and WhatsApp directly from Salesforce.

Why Salesforce + ValueFirst?

Speedy & Secure Communication:Enable quick and secure messaging directly from Salesforce. Easily send messages without leaving the platform.
Bulk Messaging Capability:Write your message once and send it to multiple recipients with just a click, streamlining mass communication efforts.
User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a seamless experience with an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of sending messages.
Relevant Data Points: Leverage customer data stored inSalesforce to personalize your messages, making each communication more relevant and impactful.
Hyperlinks & Merge Fields:Enhance your messages with hyperlinks and merge fields, providing personalized content that engages recipients.
Informed Decisions: Utilize Salesforce analytics to understand customer behaviour and preferences, allowing you to tailor your messages for maximum effectiveness.
High Deliverability:Ensure your messages reach their intended recipients with our robust cloud infrastructure, designed for high reliability.
Global Reach: Our APIs support mission-critical communications in over 180 countries, ensuring your messages are delivered no matter where your customers are located.
World-Class Infrastructure:Benefit from a reliable messaging service powered by top-tier cloud technology, guaranteeing timely delivery of your communications.
High Capacity: Handles a daily peak of 230 million messages, showcasing robust infrastructure.
Exceptional Uptime: Maintains 99.99% uptime across services for uninterrupted communication.
Extensive Connectivity: 54 direct operator/aggregator binds ensure reliable and widespread messaging capabilities.