ValueFirst Partner Exchange

Drive 4x Greater Engagement with MoEngage

Send RCS Business Messaging, SMS, and WhatsApp directly from MoEngage.

Why MoEngage + ValueFirst?

Improved Customer Engagement: Integrating ValueFirst with MoEngage enhances the ability to deliver consistent and coherent messages across multiple channels.
Seamless Communication:Ensures that businesses can engage with customers through their preferred communication channels, increasing the likelihood of positive interactions.
Scalable Campaign Execution:Enables brands to run large-scale SMS and WhatsApp notification campaigns, reaching a vast audience with personalized content.
Effective Communication:Leverages the high open rates of SMS and WhatsApp to ensure messages are seen and acted upon.
Innovative Messaging: Uses RCS features to create more engaging and visually appealing messages, enhancing customer interaction.
Comprehensive Analytics: Provides detailed insights into campaign performance, helping businesses understand what works and what doesn’t.
Data-Driven Optimization: Uses performance data to refine and improve future campaigns, leading to better results and continuous improvement.
High Capacity: Handles a daily peak of 230 million messages, showcasing robust infrastructure.
Exceptional Uptime: Maintains 99.99% uptime across services for uninterrupted communication.
Local Hosting: Operates data centers across 4countries to ensure compliance and optimal performance.