ValueFirst Partner Exchange

Engage with Customers via Microsoft Dynamics 365

Send SMS and WhatsApp directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 + ValueFirst?

Implement automated messaging workflows to guide customers through their journey.
Utilize automated messages to provide timely information and nurture leads towards conversion.
Enhance customer engagement by delivering relevant messages at key touchpoints.
Benefit from ValueFirst's 900+ direct operator connections for high SMS delivery rates.
Reach customers globally with reliable messaging services across various mobile networks.
Leverage the extensive network coverage to engage customers in diverse geographical regions.
Utilize WhatsApp to send rich content messages, including images, videos, and URLs.
Enhance message effectiveness by delivering visually appealing and interactive content.
Provide a more engaging experience for customers with multimedia-rich WhatsApp messages.
Track message performance and campaign effectiveness in real-time.
Gain actionable insights from analytics data to optimize future messaging strategies.
Make data-driven decisions to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth.
Official BSP: Authorized Business Solution Provider for Apple, Google, and Meta.
High Capacity: Handles a daily peak of 230 million messages, showcasing robust infrastructure.
Global Reach: Multiple data centers globally provide reliable and scalable solutions.