ValueFirst Partner Exchange

Create Contextual Messaging Experiences natively on LeadSquared

Send SMS and WhatsApp directly from LeadSquared.

Why LeadSquared + ValueFirst?

Lead Nurturing: Keep your leads warm and engaged by setting up automated campaigns and reminders. Send timely follow-ups and notifications to maintain a continuous interaction with your leads.
Customer Retention: Use automated messages to retain existing customers by reminding them of important updates, events, or promotions, thereby increasing their lifetime value.
Explore WhatsApp's Robust Feature Set: Enhance Conversations with Interactive List Buttons, Quick Reply Options, and create an immersive and delightful customer experience.
Comprehensive Tracking: Monitor both outbound and inbound text messages within the LeadSquared CRM. This feature ensures all communications are logged and easily accessible.
Prevent Lead Leakage: By tracking SMS logs as activities in the CRM, you can ensure that no lead falls through the cracks, maintaining a consistent and reliable communication trail.
Automation: Integrate ValueFirst with LeadSquared CRM to automate repetitive tasks, reducing manual effort and minimizing the chances of human error.
Streamlined Processes: Simplify your business processes by having all communication and interaction data in one place, which enhances efficiency and improves the overall customer experience.
Superior Experience: Offer your leads and customers a superior experience by ensuring timely and relevant communications through an integrated system.
High Capacity: Handles a daily peak of 230 million messages, showcasing robust infrastructure.
Exceptional Uptime: Maintains 99.99% uptime across services for uninterrupted communication.
Local Hosting: Operates data centers across 4countries to ensure compliance and optimal performance.