ValueFirst Partner Exchange

Personalize Multichannel engagement on Freshworks

Send SMS and WhatsApp directly from Freshworks.

Why Freshworks + ValueFirst?

Centralized Communication: Integrate seamlessly with Freshworks' customer engagement tools, managing all customer conversations from one platform.
Efficiency and Satisfaction: Streamline communication channels to reduce response times, resolve issues faster, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Engagement Campaigns: Initiate proactive campaigns to reach out to customers with relevant offers, updates, and reminders.
Rich Media Capabilities:Leverage WhatsApp’s rich media to send personalized messages, images, videos, and interactive elements.
CustomerRetention and Growth: Stay top-of-mind, increase customer retention, and drive revenue growth through engaging and immersive experiences.
Customer Behavior Tracking:Gain access to detailed analytics on message delivery rates, response times, customer satisfaction ratings, and conversation trends.
Data-DrivenDecisions: Utilize these insights to optimize messaging strategies, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to enhance customer engagement.
Seamless Integration: Combine ValueFirst's robust WhatsApp solutions with Freshworks' powerful customer engagement tools for a comprehensive communication strategy.
Unmatched Reliability: Benefit from an uptime of 99.99%across services, ensuring consistent and dependable performance.
GlobalReach: Multiple data centers globally provide extensive reach and high availability for all your communication needs.