ValueFirst Partner Exchange

Create Contextual Messaging Experiences natively on CleverTap

Send RCS Business Messaging, SMS, and WhatsApp directly from CleverTap.

Why CleverTap + ValueFirst?

Simplify workflows and boost efficiency by automating tasks and reducing manual interventions.
Enhance customer interactions through personalized messaging via SMS, WhatsApp, andRCS, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.
Expedite campaign launches across multiple channels with seamless integration and a ready-to-use plugin, ensuring effective communication with customers.
Engage customers on their preferred platforms with CleverTap’s multi-channel marketing, including, SMS, WhatsApp, and RCS.
Tailor your marketing efforts to individual user preferences, enhancing the relevance and impact of your messages.
Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by leveraging a comprehensive, multi-channel strategy that covers all bases.
Leverage the integration to send messages tailored to individual customer behaviour and preferences tracked in CleverTap.
Deliver highly relevant and engaging communications that resonate more with your customers.
Increase the impact of your marketing efforts through targeted and customized messaging strategies.
Ensure compliance with global data protection regulations, safeguarding customer data through robust security measures in CleverTap and ValueFirst integrations.
Benefit from end-to-end encryption for all messages and data transfers, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your customer information.
Monitor and audit all activities with detailed logs and reports, providing transparency and accountability in data handling and security practices.
Enjoy 99.99% uptime across all ValueFirst offerings, ensuring consistent and dependable service.
Benefit from our 95% customer satisfaction score, reflecting our commitment to exceptional service and support.