Selling Cars on WhatsApp


Nissan India, in collaboration with ValueFirst, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance ROI and facilitate seamless digital customer interactions. Leveraging the expansive reach of WhatsApp, this innovative solution achieved remarkable success, conducting over two million transactions, and fostering more than 140,000 interactions within a mere 12 months.

About the Company

Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd (NMIPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd Japan. The company was incorporated in 2005 and offers hatchback, MUV, SUV and sedans in India. Nissan in India has a portfolio of two brands, Nissan and Datsun. Marked by an impressive rise in sales, award-winning quality from locally built products, an expanding range of innovative cars and a rapidly evolving dealer network the growth underlines the strategic importance of India to Nissan.

The Goal

Energizing users in the digital drive with WhatsApp

Nissan India confronted unprecedented challenges as traditional dealership models struggled to adapt to evolving in-person restrictions. However, during the third quarter of 2020, Nissan defied the odds with the launch of its latest offerings, Kicks & Magnite, marking a triumphant return. The need to adapt to the new normal became more apparent than ever, and Nissan India sought technological solutions to stay ahead.

The Solution

A game-changing virtual assistant

In response to the shifting landscape of customer interactions, Nissan India took a proactive approach by implementing a two-way communication system through WhatsApp. This strategic decision was grounded in the acknowledgment that customers now sought enhanced accessibility in their interactions with brands. By introducing a dynamic communication channel, Nissan aimed to not only keep pace with evolving consumer expectations but to exceed them. The introduction of two-way communication on WhatsApp yielded multifaceted benefits. Customer engagement witnessed a substantial improvement, fostering a sense of real-time connection and responsiveness. As a result, customer satisfaction levels soared, contributing to a more positive brand perception. The impact of this strategic move was quantifiable and impactful.  

The surge in sales leads underscored the success of the initiative, reflecting a heightened interest and intent among customers. Moreover, the revenue stream experienced a significant boost, indicating a direct correlation between improved engagement and business success. Simultaneously, the reduction in call center volumes showcased the efficiency of the WhatsApp channel in addressing customer queries and concerns, resulting in a more streamlined customer support process.Digital strategy implementation with ValueFirstCollaborating closely with ValueFirst, Nissan India executed a comprehensive digital strategy, positioning WhatsApp as the central channel for customer interaction. This strategy was rooted in the goal of providing customers with quick, simple, and pertinent solutions to enhance their overall experience. The integration of innovative solutions, coupled with strategic communication practices, aimed to create positive interactions and foster a lasting brand image. The Nissan Motors' WhatsApp chatbot project not only met the challenges of evolving customer expectations but exceeded them, establishing a new standard for customer engagement in the automotive industry.

The Success

Accelerated conversions and bookings

These quantifiable results underscore the success of Nissan Motors' strategic integration of WhatsApp, affirming its effectiveness in not only enhancing digital engagement but also driving concrete business outcomes.

  • A substantial increase of 4.5% in website enquiries was witnessed, reflecting heightened interest and engagement among online users.
  • Conversion rates soared by an impressive 50%, signaling a more efficient and effective transition from initial enquiry to final booking.
  • Over the span of twelve months, the WhatsApp chatbot facilitated a remarkable 140,000 interactions with users.
WhatsApp is an important part of our customers’ life and an average person spends an average of 1.5 hours on the platform daily. We wanted to make Nissan a part of their daily conversations so that its convenient for the customers to explore our products and services. We are glad to have ValueFirst as our partners, who have been collaborative and professional all along this journey.
Punit Banga, GM – Customer Experience Transformation