Aegon Life Insurance Company

Scaling Insurance Policy Disbursement with Email

Expensive email deliveries, expensive policy document disbursement via courier, and manual efforts of managing multiple workflows were same problem statements that Aegon Life Insurance was going through.

ValueFirst's team of experts created solution to automatically consolidate policy data & update customers with their policy details on email. The solution helped Aegon Life Insurance structure & synthesize XML data, dynamic email templates & pdf attachments in real-time. We were able to achieve this by:

  • creating multi conditional workflows from a single XML data source
  • creating customized logic in each sub-workflow to determine the compilation basis customer behavior & category
  • providing 15 email modules with multiple template variations that were auto-synced in the flow
  • merging four PDFs into one to create a police document with consolidated digital signs, password protection, and security

Aegon Life Insurance has been able to eliminate manual efforts and create a positive experience for its customers by increasing the turnaround time in policy disbursement.

ValueFirst offers very enhanced & customer-centric solutions. The onboarding & development happened without any delay, thanks to the very mature customer services team. We look forward to doing more business with ValueFirst.
Jose Ramon Azurmendi, Marketing Director