FREO Money

Jumpstarting Customer Engagement with Email

The digital ecosystem in India has seen a major rise in the last few years. Digital payments and virtual banking have redefined the ways consumers shop, travel, and pay. Neo-banking, considered as the next evolution in banking, is adding tremendous growth to the digital banking sector.

FREO, India’s leading consumer neo-bank for millennials, and ValueFirst came together with the objective to promote FREOO’s offerings and boost customer engagement. FREO offers financial products like credit line, loans, pay later, financial insights and a digital bank account via Freo’s mobile apps and have served more than a million customers.

Using email as a channel, we created a customer centric engagement plan for educating, engaging& acquiring new customers. Subject matter experts at ValueFirst evaluated the potential & created a scalable email engagement plan with three objectives:

  1. Creating new business opportunities for FREO
  2. Holistic customer engagement model
  3. Building top of mind brand recall

Some of the key highlights of the campaign were:

  1. A hyper-personalized model with focus on names,subject lines, and real-time content
  2. 15-day long IP warm-up exercise to ensure high IP reputation
  3. Using our advance bounce management and email validation offerings to provide a clean email list
  4. More than 2.3 million emails were delivered with email delivery rate of 99% across campaigns
Freo has always been a consumer first company. With ValueFirst’s email services, we have been able toreach our customers effectively across all our campaigns. Their ability to customize solutions for marketers have really helped us build a scalable customer engagement model.
Hitarth Saini, Head of Marketing