JBL by Harman

Integrating Conversational AI for Elevating Customer Experience

Increasing consumer engagement and showing up for consumers are metrics each brand cares about. With this in mind, Harman International onboarded ValueFirst to create a virtual experience for customers to have one single point of conversations for everything JBL.

With an idea to reach multiple customers in one go, WhatsApp emerged as the best choice given its possibility to integrate as a chatbot and provide a scalable as well as cost-effective solution.

We created a human-like chatbot on WhatsApp that would put forward JBL's brand language and design in a native manner. The chatbot listed various products with an option to download brochure and if interested, to book an appointment to the nearest experience centre. The ease of exploring & buying led consumers into the purchasing funnel & eventually led to increase in sales.

The WhatsApp-based Chatbot has checked over 1 Million complaint resolutions, completed 25,000 Warranty Upsells, and 100,000 self-serve query resolutions.

Harman, CX (customer experience) is of utmost importance, hence we were looking for more digital avenues to engage and improve our CX. Post pandemic lockdown, when India opened up, we saw this as the perfect timing to launch WhatsApp (Bot & Chat) as a support channel and we saw a tremendous response from our customers which impacted in an increase in NPS scores and also helped us cater to more customers at a faster response rate. Thanks to ValueFirst team for implementing the solution in record time and also for providing great support.
Indranil Mukherjee, Head of Customer Experience