Gamifying OCR Technology for Contextual Marketing

Gamification marketinghas been creating stand out experiences for consumers throughout the world. PepsiCo Thailand wanted to use this and create a conversational touch point to talk to its end consumers and push different flavors of Lays Maxx

The Conversational AI solution had three problem statements:

  1. Tapping the opportunity of contextual marketing
  2. Increasing brand loyalty
  3. Gamifying consumer experience

With the above problem statements, there was a need to use a robust yet native messaging channel. LINE being the most-used platform across South-East Asia, became the obvious choice.

PepsiCo and ValueFirst came together to create a solution:

  • On purchase of every packet of Lays Maxx, the consumer would get a link or QR code to enter the Pepsi LINE account
  • The consumer would upload the receipt of the purchase of Lays Maxx
  • ValueFirst’s OCR technology will validate the purchase, date, and add the relevant reward points in its dashboard
  • Using a randomizer ten winners were chosen every 3 weeks. Winners received rewards such as Gold Coins and electronic items

The campaign saw participation from thousands of consumers uploading their receipts & many were rewarded during the entire campaign.

At PepsiCo, we have always thrived to build phenomenal customer experiences through our campaigns. ValueFirst with their marketer-first approach has been incredibly supportive in our endeavors. Their ability to customize their offerings basis the geography and product makes us feel joyful.
Harjyot Singh Arora, Executive Lead