Spice Money

Enabling Merchants on WhatsApp with Conversational AI

The year 2020, known as the "year of lockdowns," severely impacted commercial activities. Companies have to re-adopt and re-engineer their processes for the digital spheres. India's biggest rural finance firm, Spice Money, viewed this as a chance to create a stable, scalable environment for its adhikaris (merchants).

ValueFirst and Spice Money saw this as a chance, so they collaborated on a solution that would allow their traditional call centres to function more like a self-service conversational call centre.

The three issues that conversational AI was created to solve are as follows:

1. Slowly introducing technology to a rural audience
2. Create a conversational ecology that welcomes all voices.
3. Constructing a Superlative Customer Experience

There was a need to provide a unified and powerful answer to these issues, one that could be accessed by many. Given that WhatsApp is already widely used in India, it was a natural choice to make it the primary means of communication. There were two primary parts to the WhatsApp-based solution:

Spice Money, recognising the potential of application programming interfaces (APIs), aimed to move parts of its client procedures to WhatsApp and offer vital data in near real-time. We connected many APIs at various levels to provide conversational navigation and data management.

The bulk of the target audience was located in Tier-III and Tier-IV cities in India, hence vernacularism dictated the inclusion of Hindi as a secondary language.We developed multilingual consumer interaction flows.

This partnership came at just the right time, we could manage upsurge of queries at the start of pandemic seamlessly and effectively. Since then, WhatsApp bot has under gone many changes and has helped us build an inclusive ecosystem.
Amit Sharma, Head CLCM