Pathkind Labs

Enabling Health Test Booking on Messaging

Increases in digital adoption have been observed in India. Before COVID-19, it was mostly huge corporations who actively engaged in the digital spheres, but after that day, even the tiniest of firms had to learn the ropes.

There was pressure for brands to be digitally accessible from both the institutional and consumer levels. Business Wire reports that eighty percent of people would rather communicate with their healthcare professionals online.

Pathkind Labs saw this as a chance to create a system in which two of their most important operations could be digitised and automated.

Patient-centered report sharing for improved lead creation in the medical field.

The consultants at ValueFirst came up with the following features for a chatbot solution on WhatsApp:

1. Pathkind Lab's report-making tools now use the WhatsApp API. As soon as the system generates the test report, it is instantly forwarded to the relevant patient through WhatsApp.
2. ValueFirst created a WhatsApp solution with a powerful chatbot that shared customer information with the sales team and sent consumers them to the nearest Pathkind Lab.