WE Excel

Enabling Farmers to Sell via WhatsApp

WE Excel, a Chandigarh-based software firm, collaborated with the Punjab Government to streamline the sale of farmers' goods so that it could be regulated centrally and automatically.  

ValueFirst was contacted by our WE Excel friends because they needed help. The ValueFirst specialists laboured on the following statements of the issues:

1. Making available to farmers the income documentation (J-forms) previously held by commission agents
2. Producing a fully automated system for farmers that would allow them to be monitored and controlled would be a huge step forward.
3. The problem was solved by using a WhatsApp-like messaging service to instantly disseminate the J forms prepared digitally to the relevant farmers.

ValueFirst made it easy for the solution to connect to a wide variety of APIs.

Note: J forms represent the sales proceeds for farmers' goods at the grain markets. Commission agents previously distributed these papers since their model of selling crops is the most frequent in Punjab.

The WhatsApp-based solution had great impact.

1. The solution allowed the Punjab Government to implement J forms in real time before any other state in the country.
2. Over 9,000,000 farmers will gain from this change come harvest time.
3. Third, farmers now have access to income verification thanks to digital and fully automated processes, reducing the use of commission agents.
4. Farmers may now keep tabs on their J forms and store them safely in digital lockers thanks to this service.

The digital J forms will come with a QR code, watermark and a unique number. This is not only a farmer-friendly service, but it will also help their families, the state and the government itself. The move will stop the theft of grains by some arhtiyas. When digitized form J is sent to a farmer’s number, then their family too can know his actual income.
Ravi Bhagat, Secretary of Punjab State Agricultural Marketing Board