GATI Logistics

Elevating Customer Support with WhatsApp Chatbot

Have you ever considered that communicating with a logistics provider can be simpler than with a friend?

Yes, indeed! Please meet GATI's magical genie, Genie. Our team at ValueFirst created a virtual assistant called Geniei. Because of her intelligence, compassion, and efficiency, working with GATI's courier service is a breeze for our clients. With Genie, we can respond immediately to our clients' needs. CMO GATI. Your courier booking with Genie is complete after you provide your pickup and delivery addresses and a few other basic details.

Exciting? If that's what gets you pumped about Genie, know that it's just the beginning of what the company can do for its clients.

Since its beginning, GATI has been recognised for incorporating cutting-edge technology into their operations to transform them into highly successful, nimble, and bulletproof procedures. Vehicle Tracking System was first introduced in 2001 by GATI as a centralised computer system for real-time management of persons, cargo, and vehicles. At the time, it was revolutionary and important in enabling GATI to provide its customers with truly unforgettable moments.

This time around, GATI noticed that a disproportionate share of their customer interactions were concentrated on a small number of data points, which was causing bottlenecks and leaving consumers with a different experience than they were accustomed to having with GATI.

Genie is a next-generation chatbot that is designed to be empathic and learns from its experiences.Questions like "is your service available in my zip code," "do you deliver in that zip code," and "what is the status of my docket" are common when clients contact Genie. Genie is built into the GATI backend systems so that she may immediately reply to consumer questions and concerns. If a customer's inquiry has not been updated and requires quick attention, she will escalate the situation.

But how do clients get in touch with Genie?

Since GATI had a massive customer base, the company wanted to ensure that everyone could use Genie. Given the size of the intended audience, WhatsApp is the ideal medium through which to reach them. As a META partner, ValueFirst is authorised to manage our customers' access to the WhatsApp Business APIs. We requested it, and it was granted to us within a week. Fortunately, GATI met WhatsApp's requirements for OBA, so they got the go-ahead, too.

Improving Customer Retention Through Customization

When GATI came to ValueFirst in search of a solution, they were primarily concerned with reducing the amount of manual labour involved. Our solution helped GATI cut down on general inquiries by half. Customers might use Genie to look up answers to their own questions, track the status of their delivery and dockets, and even lodge complaints that would be handled in a timely manner.

GATI improved their customer interaction and made more memorable experiences for its clients with the help of Genie.

We would like to thank ValueFirst for developing Surbo bot to help us enhance our overall customer experience. The tool has enabled us to bridge the gap between our customers and customer service team, by making it simple and convenient for them to connect and collaborate. Right from the start of the project, through to its completion, ValueFirst has been a great partner in terms of support, availability, and access to an excellent team of programmers and developers. We wish them a great future ahead!
Keshav Chaitanya, Functional Lead