Elevating Customer Engagement and Conversions for IndiGo


Indigo Airlines, in collaboration with ValueFirst, transformed its customer engagement landscape through the strategic integration of the WhatsApp Business API. It resulted in increased conversions, and unprecedented app downloads and flight bookings within a short span.

About the Company

IndiGo Airlines is one of India’s largest airline networks with its prime focus being providing low fares, punctual arrivals, and departures and generous hospitality to its customers. Being one of the most reliable airlines since 2006, it has a fleet of 153 aircrafts, out of which 32 are new generation A320 NEOs, and three are ATRs. IndiGo Airlines connects to 48 destinations out of which seven are international.

The Goal

Uplifting passengers in the air and in their hearts

Indigo Airlines’ commitment to continuous improvement prompted the need for valuable feedback from their extensive customer base. This necessitated a user-friendly solution to ensure passenger convenience. Additionally, there was a desire to elevate mobile app adoption, requiring a robust strategy to promote downloads and effectively engage users.

The Solution

Game-changing brand communication through WhatsApp

ValueFirst, in collaboration with Indigo, crafted a seamless integration of the WhatsApp Business API into their customer communication channels. This integration seamlessly enabled the automated dispatch of post-flight messages through WhatsApp, extending a seamless invitation to passengers to effortlessly contribute their valuable feedback and suggestions.

1. Streamlined feedback process:

The convenience and simplicity of utilizing WhatsApp for feedback resonated positively with passengers, resulting in a notable increase in response rates. This, in turn, provided Indigo Airlines with more extensive and nuanced insights. The commitment to enhancing services received a substantial boost through this streamlined and user-friendly feedback process.

2. IndiGo’s triumph in brand communication:

Exploiting the dynamic capabilities of WhatsApp, Indigo Airlines embarked on persuasive promotional campaigns to entice users into downloading their mobile app. These campaigns, adorned with exclusive discounts and enticing offers, functioned as a magnetic force, compelling users to enthusiastically embrace the app. A noteworthy testament to WhatsApp's adaptability was witnessed as Indigo Airlines leveraged the WhatsApp Business API for special occasions, such as their anniversary celebration. During these events, the airline launched limited-time promotions exclusively through WhatsApp, showcasing the platform's versatility and effectiveness across diverse engagement scenarios. In a remarkably brief period of 19 days, the results were staggering – Indigo Airlines achieved an astounding 46,000 app downloads, surpassing their initial expectations. This highlighted the remarkable potency of WhatsApp as an unparalleled promotional channel for the airline.  

Moreover, within a mere two days, the anniversary campaign executed on WhatsApp resulted in 247 flight bookings. This rapid and substantial impact underscored the immediate effectiveness of WhatsApp as a promotional channel for driving tangible outcomes. These outcomes illuminate the profound influence of leveraging WhatsApp as a comprehensive tool, not only for gathering feedback effortlessly but also for orchestrating impactful promotional campaigns that yield tangible and immediate results.

The Success

Increased sales and conversions

In just 19 days, Indigo Airlines achieved a staggering 46,000 app downloads, surpassing their initial expectations and demonstrating the potency of WhatsApp as a promotional channel. In a mere two days, the anniversary campaign led to 247 flight bookings, underscoring the immediate and substantial impact of WhatsApp as a promotional channel.

App download campaign metrics:

  • Lower CPI compared to other app install campaigns by 61%.
  • A 200% increase in Clicks to Install Ratio compared to other acquisition channels.
  • Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) from the install campaign doubled.

IndiGo anniversary sale campaign metrics:

  • 500% increase in Clicks to Install Ratio on iOS.
  • 300% increase in conversions, specifically Install to Booking Ratio, compared to other acquisition channels through WhatsApp in 5 months.
If your goal is to enhance customer engagement in line with the larger business goals in a shorter time, use WhatsApp for business promotional tools. For long term engagement, WhatsApp Business API is an easily scalable tool to gauge various use cases like customer experience, drive sign-ups etc.
Shitiz Dogra, Associate Director - Digital Marketing