Elevating Customer Engagement and Conversions


Exide Industries, revolutionized its communication strategy by seamlessly integrating Surbo on WhatsApp. The success was marked by heightened engagement, streamlined processes, and a notable improvement in customer satisfaction, redefining the paradigm of customer interaction within a dynamic business environment.

About the Company

For more than seven decades, Exide has been one of India's most reliable brands, enjoying unrivalled reputation and recall. Their constant emphasis on innovation, extensive geographic footprint, strong relationship with marquee clients and steady technology upgradations with global business partners have made them a distinct frontrunner in the lead-acid storage batteries space for both automotive and industrial applications.

The Goal

Elevating digital interactions & instilling satisfaction at every touchpoint

To navigate the complexities of a diverse sales landscape in the contemporary business ecosystem, seamless and regular communication is imperative. Exide Industries aimed to elevate their customer experience, optimize operational efficiency, and elevate Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores as the primary objectives, recognizing the pivotal role of effective communication across various sales channels.

The Solution

Amplifying Exide’s brand dialogue on WhatsApp

The first step towards achieving the overarching objective was to introduce transparency into the communication process. Dealers, after lodging complaints, sought real-time updates on the status of their tickets. The aim was to establish clear and realtime communication channels. Enter Surbo – the solution that enabled Exide Industries to seamlessly connect with dealers and direct customers through WhatsApp. This innovative bot catered to a spectrum of use cases, ranging from handling complaints to facilitating battery service, order placement, and beyond. The Surbo-driven bot transformed into a multifaceted tool, facilitating Emergency Doorstep Service Booking, Registering a New Battery, Downloading registered Battery/HUPS details, Searching for Products, and Finding Nearby Exide Dealers. This versatility was a game-changer, addressing diverse customer needs within a unified platform. To ensure concrete and round-the-clock communication, two WhatsApp-based solutions were deployed – one for end consumers and another tailored for dealers. This dual-pronged approach ensured that the communication spectrum catered to the distinct needs of both customer segments. To further enhance efficiency, ValueFirst facilitated integration with Exide Industries' Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This integration streamlined the management of each request, seamlessly aligning with the existing processes of the organization. The integration with WhatsApp streamlined communication, providing a user-friendly interface for consumers and dealers to connect with Exide Industries instantly. The conversational flow on WhatsApp facilitated a seamless exchange of information and requests.

The implementation of Surbo on WhatsApp resulted in a significant surge in engagement. Dealers and customers were now able to connect effortlessly, fostering a sense of accessibility and responsiveness. Surbo successfully transformed a traditional call center into an AI-based conversational contact center. This transition significantly improved process efficiency and, consequently, the CSAT score. The integration was seamlessly executed, aligning with Exide Industries' existing processes.

The Success

Surge in customer connections & engagement

The fusion of Surbo with WhatsApp emerged as the crescendo that not only met the primary goals of enriching customer experience, optimizing operational efficiency, and elevating CSAT scores for Exide Industries but also orchestrated a revolutionary era of customer-centric communication.

  • Witnessed a remarkable 100% surge in customer engagement, establishing a new pinnacle in digital interaction.
  • Achieved an extraordinary 80% boost in operational efficiency, streamlining processes and elevating overall productivity.
  • Orchestrated a prolific creation of over 60,000 tickets within a single month, showcasing the robustness of the implemented solution in managing diverse customer needs and requests.
With ValueFirst’s solution, we have been able to optimize our process manifold & our dealer networks have been able to connect with us without any hassle. Their will to serve us better has been amazing.
Anirban Dhar, Sr Manager -Delivery