Feedback collection isn't an uphill task anymore

There’s a lot to be gained from getting customer feedback and absolutely nothing to lose. All you have to do is ask!
Incredible Response Rates

The average person checks their email about 15 times per day. This makes email a powerful tool to collect valuable feedback, improve performance, and increase customer satisfaction.

The Road Ahead

Feedback is helpful, both negative and positive. Effective feedback has benefits for the giver, the receiver, and the wider organization. It acts as the springboard to continuous improvement for an organization.

The Next Stage of Your Business

Gather accurate data with email surveys to know what aspects of your products/services should be updated or expanded. Online surveys are a great way to reach and engage with your target audience.

  • How it works?
    Ask Them
    Companies that listen to their customers grow faster. How do you know what your customers like or dislike about your product? Surveys can provide valuable insights and keep your customers happy.
    Spring into Action
    Customer made a purchase or used your service? Immediately follow up with a request for feedback on the email platform. Asking for feedback lets you proactively address customer concerns and make them feel you're attentive to their needs.
    Track Responses
    There are a whopping 3.9 billion daily email users. Leverage this platform to collect feedback, track responses and deliveries, and receive real-time results.
  • Results
    Never Ending Improvement
    Taking a survey on the most popular communication platform helps businesses to reach better decisions, improve performance, and succeed in their goals.
    Time and Cost-Effective
    Email is the best tool to quickly create, administer, collect, and analyze surveys. Moreover, no amount is wasted on paper, telephone, and in-person surveys.
    Great Marketing Campaign
    As many as 72% of customers won't purchase without reading customer feedback or reviews. Posting survey results and data on websites, newsletters, and social media establishes the trustworthiness of your brand.
  • Best Practices
    Personalize the Experiences
    Want people to open your email and respond?
    Personalization can always come in handy. Reaching out to customers based on their personal details encourages them to interact with you. Create personalized surveys that reflect you and your brand.
    Reach More, Grow More
    Who doesn't want to be heard? Send a survey to a thousand people with one tap, create questionnaires in a variety of languages, reach people globally, and get quick results.
    Keep it Short
    The shorter the questionnaire is, the more chances your clients will respond to it. People will love it that you appreciate their time. Offering discounts and coupons can an added advantage!

Ready to get started?