Reminders and Support go hand-in-hand

Help and assistance is all what elderly patients need
Improved patient care

SMS is a reliable platform for engagement with elderly patients. Appoinment reminders aren't the only notification they will appreciate. Leverage SMS for prescription refills, medication reminders, notifying regular check ups and even share test results.

Streamline Operations

Automated mobile messaging conversations has streamlined healthcare operations and built easier solutions to manage staff, urgent notifications and more. Through bi-directional channel, healthcare industry can collect information about their patients, and keep in touch with elderly patients that require special attention.

Improve patient-doctor relationships

SMS is an effective tool at improving communication between healthcare providers and patients. Nurture trust of the elderly patients with targeted routine messages and reminders that makes them feel more informed and empowered. Text messages offer rapid and effective communication system.

  • How it works?
    Appointment reminders
    Thanks to its high rates of delivery and opening, text messages are considered as one of the most effective tool that healthcare professionals can leverage. Patients often book their appointment in advance which lead them to forget about it. Shoot SMS reminders and appointment details such as date, venue and exact time suited to each patient.
    Connect to build a better relationship
    Improve communication with patients and transform the healthcare industry. Patients often suffer from long waiting times to get their diagnostic results. Use a smarter solution that can be reinvested to reduce administrative and communication costs. Don't let the elderly patients who rely on you wait, leverage SMS offer efficient results.
    Every patient is different, hence different needs. Most senior members can't routinely visit healthcare centres because of their condition. Revolutionize the healthcare industry with trustworthy communication that takes care need of everyone. Use SMS alerts to keep your patients and staff in loop in the foolow-up treatment.
  • Results
    Encourages preventative care
    As a matter of fact, 80% elederlypatients stated that text messaging was the best way to receive the notification. Most senior members are an active phone users. Integrate text messaging to remind patients with their healthcare needs, and update them with necessary steps to encourage preventative care virtually.
    Cuts costs
    SMS can broadcast messages to multiple patients simultaneously eliminating the time-consuming and costly process of delivering messages through other channels. This in turns, slashes the cost of administrative work and utilizing it to keep your patients and staff informed.
    Reduce working hours
    Text messages can significantly reduce working hours of healthcare personnel. SMS is not only quick and easy to set up, but it has a 98% open rate. Text messages are a panacea for all their efforts that can result in focused work and fewer work hours.
    Improves scheduling
    Forgotten and ignored appointments can cost the healthcare industry with time and money. It's important to be in touch with people who could suffer due to missed appointments. Text messages can improve attendance and scheduling for patients who need constant care on a routine basis.
  • Best Practices
    Run Educational Campaigns
    With 64% of people stressing preference for text messaging for customer support, no wonder helthcare sector can utilise SMS frequently and efficiently. Use the platform to constatntly engage with patients, raise awareness of certain diseases, inform them about the do's and dont's of peronal health and run educational campaigns.
    Post appointment surveys
    SMS system offers you with opportunities to enhance the care of the elderly patients. Connect with patients to receive valauable feedback and ensure satisfaction. Make them feel cared for and listened to as a part of your follow-up activity.
    Hands of help
    Healthcare sector is over stretched and the staff is often overworked. Smartly manage internal communication and activity with instant SMS notifications. Use flash SMS for critical needs and immediate attention. Simultaneously, ask elderly patients about their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and provide the care they deserve.

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