Don’t make your customers wait!

And if you do, make sure to organize, engage and measure waiting time while enhancing customer experience with a text message.
Reduce Waiting Time

Long waiting queue is the most common issue that customers face. As many as 73% of shoppers would abandone their purchase if they wait in a queue more than five minutes. Improve the queuing processes and reduce the waiting time by efficiently utilizing SMS maketing for better customer experience.

Increases customer satisfaction

72% of customers believe the best thing you can do is not waste their time. How is that possible? By utilizing SMS queue management system efficiently. Valueing customers time is the most important thing that a business can do to provide satisfaction.

Improve staff efficiency

Queue management not only offers better services to customers but also improves staff and service efficiency. Aa a matter of fact, only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain and the rest churn. Utilise the resources and your staff smartly to reduce waiting time and give the best possible service.

  • How it works?
    Reduce customer complaints
    Want to improve customer experience? Don't ignore queues. SMS queue management system can optimize customers’ wait times. Better appointment scheduling can have a positive impact on the buying behaviour which makes them repeat their purchase more often.
    Reduced dropout rate
    Do not leave your customers waiting. A surprising amount of revenue can be won and lost in the place where customers stand waiting. Did you know? 91% of unhappy customers who are non-complainers simply leave. With a smart queue management system, keep your customers in the loop.
    Reduce perception of waiting time
    It's obvious when the customer is occupied in some other work, the perceived waiting time is automatically decreases. How can you achieve that? Assign them queue numbers, update them with expected waiting time and distract them by promoting your products and services.
    Multitude of SMS
    SMS can be integrated in the following places-
    • Medical and healthcare centers
    • Government agencies
    • Salons, barbershops and spa
    • Automotive service centers
    • Banking and financial institutions
    • Airline and shipping industries
    • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Results
    Improve service quality
    The waiting experience of a customer may affect the future purchase. An effective queuing system will let your customers know the status of the queue at their convenience. Nobody likes to waste their time standing in queue and such service will have a positive impact on the image of your business.
    Reduce operational costs
    Providing services with quality and excellence, reducing wait times and improving productivity leads Results in reduced costs of a business. How? Track the number of customers and their waiting times, constantly send them updates and improve brand image and staff efficiency.
    Increase revenue
    What happenes when you give your customer an idea about their waiting times? They will utilize the time wisely, probably spend it on shopping at your brand or learn more about your services. Send promotional SMS along with your Queue number to get their interest in your produsct, thus boosting your revenue.
  • Best Practices
    Streamline communication
    When used correctly, SMS marketing can be a game changer. Use text messages to send personalized queue information in the customers preferred language, update them with real-time queue status and wait time, delays and change in serveces, and alert their upcoming turns.
    Direct Customers Efficiently
    Queue management has never been this easy. Calculate the queue waiting time based on the number of customers, services requested and the location. Smartly redirect consumers to the branches with less waiting times based on your calculation. Customers are likely to abandon a queue after only 2 or 3 minutes if it's not moving fast enough.
    Personalized service and VIP handling
    We understand that for you every customer is important. But then comes the VIP customers whom you want to give more attention to. Let your VIP customers know how important they are to them with personalized text message and direct them to the right queue.

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