Have an opening? SMS could be a power tool for your mobile recruiting efforts

Text, don't call! 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes.
Step up the Recruitment-Game
People with mobile phones are familiar with texting. Text messages are here to stay. Let SMS offer recruitment as a business communication tool that can instantly send and respond to candidates within minutes.
A win-win situation
SMS offers a convenient solution to Recruiters and Candidates. It is fast and instant in terms of sending job opening invites to hundreds of thousands candidates. Candidates can also submit their approval with just a tap.
Instant Helpful Reminders
A quick text reminder detailing important information is a perfect way to give your candidates a heads-up and ensure they reach on time, and most importantly, at the right place.
  • How it works?
    Cut through the noise
    People often check their cellphones over 100 times a day. Leverage SMS platform to send meaningful text messages to the right person at the right ime. Automate your messages after office timings to increase its response rate.
    Quickly fill the Empty Seats
    Candidate is not always online to check the emails. Shoot a reminder text to keep them informed about the next steps in the process. Don't let your desrving candidates miss the opportunity.
    This comes as a great saver during employee referral program. Once a candidate is referred by one of your employee, send an SMS blast to confirm their availability and the job description they are interested in.
  • Results
    Engage with Leads Faster
    Text recruitment can be your next best friend in acquiring talent as two-thirds of candidates consider recruiting via text messages. Millennials and Gen Zers interact with other digitally and SMS is a perfect way to get instant response. Just make it short, professional and relevant to get your job done within minutes.
    Level-up the Hiring Process
    Chasing candidates, sending tons of emails, scheduling and recruiting? That's one way to hire a candidate. But you can always shorten the hiring process with text messages that provides a quicker, more discrete way to send/receive SMS. Look beyond the endless loop of emails by automating SMS.
    Cost-effective and mighty powerful
    Stop worrying about whether your potential candidates read your recruitment messages. With just a touch of a button, automate the recruitment process and reduce interna wmployee efforts simultaneously. Enterprise SMS are incredibly time-saving and cost-effective
  • Best Practices
    Stay organized
    Utilize the time and resources efficiently by eliminating going back and forth to confirm the date and venue of the interview over other channels. Let SMS send the reminder to your expected candidates and take some pressure off your shoulders.
    Brevity is the ingredient
    Unlike other channels, SMS is a great platform to deliver your message in a concize way. Peple don't usually get time to read long messages. Convey alerts to potential candidates with SMS.

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