Hyper Target Your Customer

Make customer feel a part of your brand by giving them personalized recommendation,offeres and discounts
Text messages are personal
Customers let you into an exclusive and intimate space that they only share with their friends and relatives when they agree to receive texts from you. Establishing long term relationships becomes easier and your customers may even refer you by forwarding your text messages.
Actionable conversion channel
Customers instantly grasp the message and it only takes them one click to continue shopping or recover their abandoned checkout.
Gain new subscribers from keywords, checkout and custom signup forms
There are multiple ways to receive customer consent and phone number opt-ins for news & exclusive deals via text messages, instead of emails.
SMS is an affordable and simple way to reach out to clients and can be used to improve your customer service, no matter how many or few people work for your company.
Combined with a very irresistible personalized discount SMS marketing can help your business build trust and loyalty, promote brand recognition, and gain a great return on investment
  • How it works?
    Segment Your Target List
    Instead of sending same message all your customers its always to target customer based on their behavioral data
    Personalize your content
    Customers feel delighted if the content is curate for them exclusily and the chance to open the message and click on the link automatically increases
    Integrate with your system
    Once you have your audience and content is place ,chose your campaign type and connect with the database to store the results.
    Follow the rules
    Safety and privacy of audience is almost important, always remember to keep you customer data safe and follow all the rules and regulation directed by the government.
    Opt-out Feature
    Consent of the customer is always important. If they feel your message is irrelevant ,they should have an option to opt out of receiving that message
  • Results
    Gain Subscriber Base
    According to our 2020 Text Marketing Report, 50% of respondents said that flash sales and time-sensitive promotions would encourage them to opt into a business’s text messages. Discount messages are the best tool for text marketers who want to keep subscribers engaged and see an immediate uptick in sales.
    Increased In-Store Foot-Fall
    According to a report 56% of the customer visited the store after receiving offer through SMS
    High Open and Click Rate
    98% open rate and 45% response rates. You can rest assured that your message will get seen and read by your customer
    High Revenue
    Using a text message to send 10% discount code,Toroe Eye ware generated an extra $7028 in store revenue in a month.Thats a 156x return on text marketing channel
  • Best Practices
    Reinforce the Benefits of Your Product or Service
    You need to reinforce why someone should act on your promotion. Making a case for your product in a discount message does three things:
    • Catches and holds your audience’s attention
    • Handles any objections they might have
    • Encourages them to purchase
    Create a Sense of Urgency
    There is nothing that kills your text message’s conversion rate faster than customer apprehension. Anytime a customer thinks “maybe later”, there’s a high chance they’re going to ghost you. With text messages, you can create a very strong sense of urgency because 90% of text messages are opened within three minutes.
    Use a Benefit-Based Call-to-Action (CTA)
    Everywhere people look they’re told to “Buy Now” or “Shop Here” It’s too generic a CTA to motivate youngsters. You want to be able to elicit a strong response from your audience with a benefits-focused CTA. Instead of “Check out today’s deals!” consider something like “you next pair of fav shoes are just a click away.
    Include Images
    My studies prove that texts with photos generate a higher click-through rate. 50% of our brain is dedicated to visual processing. As a result, research has shown that those who use visual communication to persuade an audience succeed 43% more often than those who rely on words alone. Your discount messages can benefit significantly from a strategic image that either reinforces the core benefit or shows someone enjoying the product.

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