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Intelligently recommend products across industries to improve user experience
The cherry on the cake!
Retailers are constantly on the hunt for new ways to recommend products based on what they know about their subscribers. Thanks to WhatsApp's popularity and support for rich content, brands are now seeing the potential of using this platform to communicate with their customers.
Delight Your Customers
Businesses are leveraging WhatsApp API by showcasing lost of products and catags based on purchae history and interests. Use data-rich images, videos, gifs, PDF or URL to personalize the interaction and attract more customers.
Stand Out From the Crowd
Are you a retailer? You may wanna recommend products to customers. Make a hyper-personalized experience by initiating conversations using personal information and communicate in multilingual messages according to the user’s interest. WhatsApp can act as a product guide to share details of products at a fast pace.
  • How it works?
    Similar Products
    Use this technique to allow customers to see a range of alternative products relevant to what they are looking for based on the name and description. Let your customers purchase best product suitable to their needs.
    Rating-based Recommendations
    As many as 78% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Rating-based products helps you filter an overwhelming sea of choices on the basis of bestsellers, most browsed or most frequently carted items. Shoppers are often swayed by others' opinions.
    New Arrivals
    They say new is always better and what a better platform than WhatsApp to showcase your newest arrivals. Inform customers about new products, latest deals and discounts and build a sense of excitement.
  • Results
    Increased Sales
    WhatsApp can help improve efficiency and productivity of your business while increasing sales without any extra marketing effort. As per the reaserch, tech giants like Amazon(35%) and Netflix(75%) are boosting their engagement rates.
    Increased Loyalty
    WhatsApp Business Solution can make you key player in this new era of technology. Businesses are leveraging this platform to increase familiarity with their brand, gaining trust and interest in their offerings. With two-way support, customers can also initiate conversation and get replies intantly.
    Reduced Churn
    Customers are changing the way they shop and with so many options, it's easy for a brand to lose them. Recommendation on the world's most used messaging app can be one the best ways to re-engage customers. Combine it with some discounts and coupons and enjoy the conversion.
  • Best Practices
    Collaborative Filtering
    "Frequently bought together..."
    Remind your customers of complimentary items that can be purchased together. Use WhatsApp to increase your product value by suggesting products that customers are likely to want. This can come handy in post-purchase communications that can encourage to make another purchase.
    Limitless Potential
    Tailored recommendations can keep your users engaged and coming back for more. Businesses that gain from recommendation systems-

    • e-Commerce
    • Retail
    • Media
    • Banking
    • Utilities
    and many more..
    Choosing a Partner
    Product recommendation on a trusted platform can boost revenues, CTRs, conversion rates, and creates a positive effect on user experience. ValueFirst is an official partner of WhatsApp. get ready to make a dramatic change in your business with the technology that everybody loves.

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