Get insights about customers with digital polls

Polls & Survey chatbots can be deployed to any channel to take customer's insight & feedback. With chatbots its becomes very easy, intuitive & cost effective to run quiz campaigns & engage key customers

Chatbots allow you to have a virtual interviewer who can identify interesting topics and track them in the same way that a human interviewer would. But scaled. A lot.

Chatbots have the potential to become the perfect compromise between a survey and an interview.

But, as with all chatbot applications, data and a good template or script is the absolute key to achieve anything that is even remotely similar to human behavior.

And even with a large data set, it is still possible to obtain poor results.

That's why Chat Compose includes pre-made scripts for different types of action and an interface to create your own scripts

  • How it works?

    Customer feedback is vital to the company. Product development teams use feedback to prioritize their design and strategies. Customer satisfaction surveys have not evolved or changed since their inception. These surveys cause boredom and are rarely completed, and people are afraid to take them unless they have to report extremely positive or negative things.

  • Results

    Survey Chatbots can be deployed over multiple channels to transform your surveys into engaging conversations personalized for each respondent. Build interactive conversational flow using in-built display cards like quick replies, video, animated gifs and multiple choice to make product survey fun & interesting. Ask your survey respondents with any free-text question and recognise positive and negative response using Instinct AI to tag the sentiment and ask a set of follow-up questions based on that sentiment.

  • Best Practices

    If we want to achieve the incredible feat of making a chatbot smart enough to carry out a conversation that is not completely robotic, you will need a good script and a good interface to create them.

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