Track shipments in real time with chatbots

Order is tracking is the most common use case among chatbots. The conversational interface & multi channel availability gives chatbots the edge & popularity among consumers to use it for the purpose.

Prominent courier companies that handle shipping for ecommerce platforms have already started using online chatbots on their websites and messenger apps. These AI bots expand the level of customer service they could originally offer, by allowing users to access a wide range of shipping-related options.

The best chatbots for ecommerce shipping and delivery will also be able to connect your customers to your logistics service provider for any custom assistance or complaints about a parcel. For example, the customer can instantly receive the contact details of the delivery person and get in touch with them to reschedule the delivery or ask for an update.

  • How it works?

    Latest statistics show that over 30% of all eCommerce conversations through live chat are related to checking on orders

    Quicker distribution of information using chatbot

    Chatbots can allocate the shipping and delivery information quicker than human workforces. Also, chatbots could rapidly connect internally, enable easy messaging between employees, answer the customer queries more proficiently as compared to those without the technology.

    Chatbot online at all hours of day and night

    Chatbots also pay a very significant role where it comes to interacting with customers of multiple time zones. It is essential to reflect on how the workers within the shipping and delivery channel regularly communicate with customers of different time zones.

  • Results

    Proper utilisation of chatbots for order tracking can be achieved with vernacularism. People should be able to converse with the brand in the language they are comfortable with.

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