Tapping the power of the phone call in Marketing Promotions

When it comes to marketing, awareness is everything. Use IVR to get the word out!
Promote Marketing Campaign
91 percent of people who shop offline go into stores because of mobile promotions. Leverage IVR system into your business to promote special offers and discount, and convey an important message or announcements.
Great Marketing Strategy
Are you selling a product/service? IVR can be a revolutionary platform that can get the word out. Businesses can engage in conversation over the phone providing caller experiences that turn prospects into loyal customers.
Competitive Advantage
74% of people are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult. Your competitors are already on the IVR. Get the new way of differentiating yourself and automate your marketing promotions via IVR.
  • How it works?
    Score Leads
    Leading marketers already understand that adding relevant phone numbers to their digital ads, offline campaigns, websites, and mobile apps can make it easy for customers to call them. Make the lead generation process easier with IVR that can segment and route calls to capable agents.
    Inform Them
    Even when digital channels drive engagement online, people still want to talk over phone. Inbound calls have high conversion rates and it will also will support your sales and marketing team. Inform your potential clients of upcoming events, update them about new features and set a reminder as well.
    Research Preferences, Needs, and Habits
    Surveys can be a treasure trove of data to understand your target audiences and their buying behaviour. IVR surveys offer high response rates and analyze them immediately. 41% of sales representatives say the phone is their most valuable tool for work.
  • Results
    As a business grows, it needs to handle more customers, more support, more orders, and more phone calls. IVR systems are one way a business can improve scalability without hiring more employees. Thousands of calls can be made simultaneously to a large client base or marketing list.
    Quick Way to Reach Out
    Other than scalability, voice broadcasting allows you to engage with prospects can't read or are visually impaired. It's also a fastest way to disseminate information on your latest special offer, or new product.
  • Best Practices
    Add the Personal Touch
    To improve conversion rates over the phone, marketers are now personalizing voice broadcasts that is even appreciated by customers. Simple things like greeting with customers' name can do all the magic and make them interested in your offerings.
    Expanding Applications
    Voice broadcast technology is compatible with most extant phone systems, which means it can be applied to almost any infrastructure. Leverage the platform to conduct surveys and polls, offer support, and promote campaigns.
    Be a Smart Player
    IVR allows incoming voice dialers to navigate a phone menu to pull down the right information, perform automatic transactions and lookups, and find the right person to help. When you connect your customer over this platform, inject your brand values, introduce a special offer, or deliver a custom marketing message before ending the call.

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