IVR for lead generation tactic with target customers

Polish and optimize your call traffic to qualify leads
Intelligent Routing Options
61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge. IVR is evolving to become a channel that can support your sales operations and accelerate lead conversion efforts. To gauge interest of the customer IVR can direct the call to a qualified sales agent to close the deal.
Useful Startegy
Capture customer data in real-time and deliver it to the lead buyer or sales representatative. Leads passed to sales get connected in conversation immediately, that makes IVR a great strategy to help keep your buyers happy.
Gatekeeper Between Caller and Buyer
IVR can act as a mediator between the caller and the buyer, weather you're collecting useful information or playing recorded messages as part of your marketing promotions. Leverage this platform to keep your quality high and consistent and increase the value of every call.
  • How it works?
    60-Second Strategy
    People always appreciate when businesses care for them, answer their calls within a short time or give a call back promptly. Return all IVR lead calls within 60 seconds or less. The more time you consume to get back to them, more chance you get to lose a potential prospect.
    Transfer The Call
    When interacting with hotleads, give them an option of pressing 0 to transfer to an agent. When the caller waits press 0 and speak t an agents they are highly motivated. Hotleads are the best-quality leads for any industry.
    Unique Selling Point
    Guaranteed sale, easy exit listing, flexible fee? Agents must follow scripts but it's important to sound authentic. 53% of marketers spend at least half or more of their budget on lead generation. Record all your sessions to help in the training as well.
  • Results
    “Thank you for calling vfirst.com. To speak with Sales, press 1. To speak with support, press 2.” You must have heard a similar voice before, the same is used for lead generation as well. Most IVRs are recorded(with customers' approval) that allows businesses to assess performance and find ways to improve their processes.
    Personal and Customized
    80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. A personalized approach in the process can help in a long run. Moreover, a capable agent can understand customers' mood, and build custom experience accordingly.
  • Best Practices
    Follow-up to Nurture
    Companies that nurture leads generate 50% more sales at 33% lower costs. Provide engaging and meaningful conversation, and build a bridge toward a client/customer relationship.
    “Thanks Mr. Gupta for taking my call, I appreciate you taking a few moments.” Following your greeting with a sincere thank you is another way to bring a better brand image.
    Make Every Call Count
    The fastest way for a caller to express an interest in a business’s offering is by picking up the phone and giving them a call. Moreover, inbound calls convert 10-15 times more than online leads. Provide additional support to your prospects with IVR.
    While 76% of marketers want their marketing campaigns to drive more phone calls, over 70% of users use the Click to call button. This feature can save time, misses zero calls, segments customer, increases conversion rates and provides better experience boosting lead generation.

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