Use Chatbots to screen just the right talent for you!

Recruiters are often overburdened with candidate applications. Filtering through them, sorting and shortlisting can be a very time-consuming process. With this, they also have to make calls, send emails and schedule interviews, leading to employee burnout. But what if there was a tool that easily automate these tasks? Chatbots perform all these tasks, streamline hiring for recruiters and managers.

Hiring has always been a time-consuming job, but there has been a significant decline in the total time invested in this whole process. As the image suggests, the decline started out in 2016, and chatbots came to rise in that very year! Chatbots in hiring filters candidates, qualifies them, communicate with them for follow-ups and even schedule interviews. This cuts down the time taken for HR representatives to select through a list of candidates and schedule interviews for them. A chatbot can do it within minutes and handle a large sum of candidate applicants at the same time. Chatbots help human resources become more accessible to employees.

  • How it works?
    Screen Candidates And Assess Their Potential
    Recruitment Chatbots are like an HR assistant that provides helps in the initial phase of recruitment. Most of the job is conversations and interaction with candidates entailing preliminary recruitment functions.
    These AI chatbots help the recruiters to depend on its NLP capabilities to commendably perform the initial recruitment functions and then shortlist the right candidates.
    Help Quickly Schedule Interviews
    The chatbots are intelligent enough to schedule the interviews with potential candidates using their calendars. The Bots ease the task of the recruiter to plan interviews on agreed date and time. HR recruiters can save a lot of effort on this simple yet time-consuming task of co-ordination.
  • Results

    1. Save time and reduce strain on the HR team.

    2. Reduce the possibility of human error, since they draw answers automatically from an HRIS or knowledge base

  • Best Practices

    List possible questions
    To succeed in the modern insurance marketplace, carriers must focus first and foremost on the evolving expectations of their customers–expectations often driven by everyday influences completely removed from the world of insurance. Chatbots are just one more innovative tool insurers can use to meet customer expectations and deliver the service their customers have come to expect.

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