Train & Engage your Employees with minimal effort

HR chatbot ares perfectly capable of answering questions, helping employees and directing them to HR for the most complex issues. It performs these tasks via understanding text or speech

Keep Talent Pool Engrossed And Engaged With Less Effort

Your talent pool needs to be engaged and diverse. AI chatbots help you interact with the pool and keep them updated with the latest happening within the organization. The bots are evolving with time. The newest processes help manage the talent pool, which is the backbone of the business. The real-time, intelligent systems and virtual assistants engross the candidates in the talent pool. AI bots can make your regular interaction more consistent.

  • How it works?

    If your HR team frequently has to answer the same questions (e.g. “Where can I find the employee handbook?”), that’s a sure sign you can automate that part of employee communications. Especially if you plan to have your team implement complex strategic initiatives, you’d benefit from freeing up their time.

    The response to queries should be fast and detailed. The applicants and the hirers both can benefit from the instantaneous and prompt responsiveness of the chatbots. Overall, the user experience is enhanced by using AI recruitment chatbot

  • Results

    Enhanced Candidate Experience

    The role of chatbots in recruitment is crucial. They enhance the candidate experience by engrossing them with just-in-time, instant communication. The way a candidate feels during an organizations recruitment cycle makes a huge difference.

    A candidate may drop the potential offer just in case they have a bad experience during the recruitment process. The new age recruitment strategy needs to be a candidate- focused.

  • Best Practices

    Start small and simple

    It’s better to avoid being overly ambitious at first. If, for instance, you start with automating your entire recruitment process, and something goes wrong, it’ll be more difficult to fix and employees might lose their motivation or interest to engage with the tech.

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