Keep your employees informed when the disaster strikes!

Communication during a crisis is important, let them know it's coming from a verified source.
Mass Emergency Alerts

Disasters can be in any form, it's important to reach the right audience at the right time. SMS can come handy in case of man-made disasters. Strike a text message and broadcast it among your employees in case of mass evacuation. Integrate two-way texting post emergency to ensure the safety of employees.

Resolve Emergencies Quickly

Every emergency is different, hence, different solution. SMS is a convenient option when communicating important information straight to mobile phones by sending out alerts or emergency messages. Send out alerts to gather staff and resolve the issue.

Reduce panic levels with notifications

Constantly update your employees with the current information and messages using Emergency SMS alerts as the last thing you will want is your employees to panic in case of crisis. It's a good start when you send text messages, and recipients actually read them.

  • How it works?
    Communicate During a Crisis
    Power outages, natural disasters, medical emergencies may happen and in certain situation it's importantant to communicate with employees to keep them informed and ensure their safety. What about off-campus employees? Just keep the database ready to shoot the important alerts whenever and wherever required.
    Geo-Polling is the Way
    A geo-poll is a poll-based alerting feature within a mass SMS notification system that allows you to send information and location data from a submit group of recipients. During a crisis, it can share real-time location, accurate employee updates, reduces search and rescue efforts, prioritizing employees in needs and a smarter way to communicate for the next process.
    Segmentation and Tracking
    Not all who is required to get panicked by a certain emergency stuation, needs to receive the alert message. Divide your recipients and send customized messages.
    Additionally, it would be a great idea to know who all has opened your emergency alert to ensure the safety. Track the actions taken by the receiver and send a reminder to those who are unaware of the situation. Simple right?
    Multitude of SMS
    Situations where SMS can be helpful-
    • Medical emergencies
    • Extreme weather alert
    • Internet shutdown
    • Power outage
    • Natural disasters
    • Fire alerts
    • Terrorist Attacks
    • Important updates
    • Transport failures
    • Cyber attacks
    And many more...
  • Results
    Save time & Money
    Comapnies that have installed text messaging alert systems are not only saving time, but also prooving to be cost-effective for the business. 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes. Moreover, sending out text messages is cheaper and they don't have to spend much time and resources on reminders and instructions.
    Quick Response Time
    SMS text messaging boasts a considerably higher open rate for both the sender and the receiver. Build an efficient emergency system with SMS as it takes less than a minute to create a 160-character text and send it immediately.
    An aid to the hearing impaired
    Texting in an emergency is safe. Texting turns out to be a safer strategy in life-saving options. Amalgamation of two-way messages can help you receive the information from another side of the tunnel. Additionally, texting can be a boon to hearing impaired to reach out in emergency.
  • Best Practices
    Opt-in for more Reach
    More than half of consumers prefer texting for support and alerts as compared to other channels. If you already have the database, broadcast information directly. If not, pursuade people to opt-in for your alrt messages.
    Define the Next Steps
    Communication is a key to satisfaction no matter what the situation is. Make sure you have communicated the instruction among your team members to respond accordingly. Not all emergency alerts have to create panic, but it's important to react positively.
    Pandemic Emergency Text Notification
    Unlock period doesn't mean we got rid of the pandemic situation. Send out a text notification in case an employee got infected with the virus. Two-way geo-polling service can help get an information of whoever has gotten in contect with the infected person.

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