Connect engage & service customers with intelligent virtual assistants

The healthcare sector will definitely benefit from the cost-effectiveness of bots with the customer care aspect being automated. The impersonal nature of a bot could act as a benefit in certain situations, where an actual doctor is not needed.

We’re very close to the time where the bot would notify the user that it is time for their health check-up based on past medical records and schedule an appointment, or book a pathology lab visit to your home for your quarterly sugar test.

They are also able to schedule follow-up appointments using a patient’s booking history, send out reminders about upcoming appointments, and even manage payments for consultations and procedures. With your chatbot handling these simple tasks that are usually common to all patients, your clinic’s staff can focus on more complex work that involves human engagement.

  • How it works?

    It is safe to say that the healthcare industry is right on the verge of being bot-o-mated very soon.

    These intelligent programs are able to detect symptoms, manage medications and assist chronic health issues. They guide people rightly for serious illness and also assists them in scheduling appointments with professionals. With technological advancements in chatbots over the decade, there has been significant growth in the healthcare sector, along with other AI tools.

  • Results

    A perfect blend of human involvement and chatbot technology will make your healthcare centre run seamlessly! While chatbots handle lower-level tasks, you can focus on more complex issues.

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