Make SMS a go-to channel for customer communications

Minimize the need for customers to call into support to ask the same questions repeatedly, nurture them with SMS
Immediate delivery

When 90% of text messages read within 3 minutes of delivery, you know that critical messages will be received and read almost instantly. SMS is one of the most immediate channels available.

Feels Personal

People are constantly on their phones which makes SMS a personal medium to build relationship. Grab their attention by personalizing your communication with clients and generate instant results.

Global Reach

Be there to support your customer wherever they are. Not everyone owns a smartphone with internet access yet 5 billion people in the world can send and receive SMS messages. Reach millions of people instantly as text messaging can literally connect the world.

  • How it works?
    Monitor, Track and Improve
    SMS can swift positive results from your customer service with in-built analytics. Create targeted campaigns, understand future customers, track your campaigns and delivery reports and thus improve ROI and experiences. This provides excellent service to customers and helps you in the future marketing campaigns.
    Convenient Marketing Tool
    It takes months to find a customer, and seconds to lose one. SMS marketing can be a life saver for businesses. Customers can receive messages directly to their phones eliminating the need of them calling or writing mails to your support team. Marketers can quickly segment messages and quickly send a relevent SMS to their subscribers.
    Managing High Volume Alerts
    Make every interaction count, even the small ones and strive to exceed customer expectations. Automate notofication alerts when handling high volume queries so you don't miss out on anyone. Texting is less formal, much faster and more accurate as compared to other channels.
  • Results
    Increased customer engagement
    Businesses are reaching their customers faster than ever to provide support. Customers, on the other side, are familiar with text messages making them engage more with their respective brands. It's a win-win for both!
    Time-efficient and Cost-Effective
    The ability to schedule and broadcast text messages to millions of people turns out to be an excellent timesaver. Bulk SMS services don't make a hole in the pocket. No other marketing method provides such affordable results as it can be achieved with SMS.
    Reinforcing Brand Values
    It's important to remember your competitor is only one click awat when dealing customers virtually. Drive a positibve and consistent customer experience and make them come for more. Bring excellent brand values with service alerts, courtesy calls, follow-ups, reminders and general updates.
  • Best Practices
    Businesses can categorize and prioritize incoming support messages with SMS marketing. Handle the high volume queries by customer value and the urgency of their inquiry. Process the information immediately and provide faster response.
    Collect customer feedback
    Only one in 26 customers file a complaint and the rest churn off. Bridge the gap between the brand and customers by collecting valuable feedback over SMS customer support. Receive honest feedback in a positive tone and save your brand reputation by eliminating the need of getting negative reviews online.

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