Dine out & make contactless orders with chatbots!

Contactless menus have been an fast adopted use case of chatbots especially during the pandemic as it helps people to hand pick dining without any physical contact.

As soon as the customers enter the restaurant, chatbots can be used to welcome customers & share digital menus over their own smart devices. The chat interface can be routed by multiple means like QR Code, application, digital hosting etc. Once they reach the chat window, chatbot takes the process from there & help diners to explore menu from which they can select as per their convenience. This system also helps gather data around customer behavior and preference which can be further used to design personalized campaign and also recommend dishes on their next visit.

  • How it works?

    Customer can select the dishes and order in real time without any human interaction. Chatbots can also suggest dishes according to customers taste and restaurant specialty. After the order is placed by the customer a Ticket to Kitchen is generated to accept and place the order. This system also helps in queue and order management.

  • Results

    With public health top of mind, guests will seek out brands where they feel safe – and for many, that means a contactless experience. Some restaurants may adopt all of this, or portions; but guests will need to feel safe, and for some, that might mean coming as close to a contactless Dinning experience as possible.

  • Best Practices

    Businesses should up their game and cope up with the situation will sail through easily and will be successful in building trust in the minds of customer. Your top line is directly related to the trust and loyalties of your customer and in these tough times contactless models can help restaurant and hospitality industry provide uninterrupted services. The businesses that swiftly transition to new normal will only be able to survive in these challenging times.

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