Use Chatbots to automate Insurance Claim Process

Chatbots can easily identify the query and consumption patterns (along with basic user info) to suggest the most appropriate offers & can work round the clock to help users at all times

Chatbots can be of tremendous help if programmed to address your customer’s insurance claims. This one task comprises the majority of an insurer’s daily workload.

Additionally, chatbots can also follow up with customers regarding existing claims and notify for payments. The entire cycle will be simplified with just a conversation!

They are popular both as customer-facing chatbots, which can provide quotes and immediate cover, 24/7, and internally, to help insurance companies process new claims

  • How it works?

    Chatbots speak the human language through machine learning and natural language processing that draws context from exchange to answer questions and accomplish tasks, all in a natural, conversational manner. This approach, when applied to the insurance industry, is known as “conversational coverage,” and it’s a tested and true method to meet the desires of the modern consumer:

  • Results

    Many insurance agencies are deploying chatbots for similar use cases and view it as a profitable investment. Few companies have come up as the most viable choices to help deploy customized chatbots with multiple developments and hosting features. Chatbots have gained momentum in terms of application and use cases in recent years. They have practically touched every industry liberating humans of redundant, repetitive, or low-skill tasks. With Artificial Intelligence, chatbots tend to go beyond that and co-work with humans to yield fast outcomes, higher efficiency, and compelling user experience. Insurance as a sector is no different. The Insurance industry is one of the new entrants to harness the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

  • Best Practices

    Before you start building your bot, spend some time thinking about how you expect the conversation to flow when users are interacting with your bot. How will your chatbot greet users? At what point will your chatbot branch from a generic conversation to more specific topics.

    After mapping out your chatbot’s core conversation paths in a conversation flowchart, a best practice is to write, revise and finalize your chatbot’s wordings (i.e., questions & responses) in a separate script document before building the bot itself

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