Intelligent Automation to book Appointments

Chatbot provides a great 24-7 service to organisations. What really takes it to the next level is the ability to have your new and returning clients schedule a meeting, appointment or phone call all from within your bot

Chatbots can help claims adjusters set and manage appointments with policyholders in an accurate and efficient fashion, and without the need for human agent intervention. I allow them to proactively book and modify appointments, sending reminders and confirmations, tracking estimated arrival times, and giving them relevant customer and policy information. Major advantages of having these bots are:

Streamline processes
Chatbots can impact and streamline everything from claims to understanding data analysis.
Improve customer relationships
According to HubSpot, the majority of millennials who have interacted with a business’ chatbot say the experience positively impacted their perception of the organization.
  • How it works?

    1. Automates handling of appointments using AI

    2. More efficient scheduling of appointments between parties

    3. Minimize cost of last-minute cancellations and changes

    4. Faster and more efficient claims settlement

  • Results

    1. Conveniently schedule, modify and receive appointment reminders.

    2. No more long call wait times or transfers.

    3. Day-of-service updates, pinpoint actual arrival time rather than waiting for long service windows.

    4. Faster resolution and settlement of claim through efficient scheduling.

  • Best Practices

    Bot-to-Human Handover
    New trends in the industry have pursuaded insurance sector to look at options for optimizing costs, improving overall accuracy, and maximizing returns. When juggling through complex queries, WhatsApp chatbots recognize when to swoop out and instantly hand it to your agent and handle it effectively. Ensuring smooth customer-experience can only lead to happiness.

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