Expand customer reach with Chatbots & Digital Channels

Chatbots can connect with customers & handhold them about banking offerings. They can even get personalised offers & discounts as & when needed.

A conversational interface, like a banking chatbot, not only presents a less intrusive front but also add a novelty factor to the process of lead generation that is likely to appeal to prospective customers. It can also allows save banks to spend per leads as their sales teams will get pre qualified leads & from multiple digital platforms with the use of a single resource. The major advantage of using chatbots is that they can help reach customers on almost all platforms effectively & round the clock.

  • How it works?

    These lead generation bots are embedded on the bank’s website/app and initiate conversations with users to find out if they wish to purchase products and gauge their interest. Later, these captured ‘leads’ can be sent to the bank’s sales team for additional follow up until the sale is completed.

  • Results

    Brands have seen as high as 600% increase in the number of leads collected using chatbots as opposed to traditional lead generation methods. Chatbots in banking help in reducing the overall costs by bring efficiency & output among manpower. It helps to formulate automate end-to-end business processes that initiate better experience for the customer as well as the clients.

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