Never miss a single appointment with IVR

Send customized phone reminders and reduce no-shows by 90%.
Delight Customers
As many as 92 percent of all customer interactions happen over the phone. Appointment reminders over voice call ensures sales of businesses and bridges the communication gap between both parties for great customer experiences.
Reduce No-shows
Whether young or adult, anyone can forget about scheduled appointments. One way to reduce no show appointments is to use voice calls to notify patients of their upcoming appointments and increase the likelihood of their attendance.
Easy Management
Never miss an appointment with automated reminders. With the effective integration of IVRs, it's easy to track, manage and remind customers without wasting a lot of human hours.
  • How it works?
    Automate Reminders
    IVR is a great deal for businesses that schedule appointments. Automate reminders at specific intervals, and leverage personalized calling to maximise productivity. Additionally, it can be used for payment notifications, medical billings, prescription medicine reminders, office hour changes, test result alerts, and more.
    Convert Leads
    IVR systems were traditionally used only as a customer service tool. More businesses are recognising the way it is changing and how quick, easy and inexpensive IVRs can be. It can reach out to prospective clients, qualify interests and support lead conversion. Send customizable phone reminders and seal the deal.
    Improve Satisfaction
    Appointment reminders are a convenience to both the parties. Reaching out on customers phones allows them to immediately respond to, confirm, or request an appointment while at work, in a meeting, or on the go. Show them how much you value their time and appreciate their efforts by improving satisfaction.

    Great Choice
    IVR is loved by many industries for appointment reminders-
    Beauty Salons
    Medical Practices
    Investment Advisors
    Massage Therapy Practices
    and many more...
  • Results
    Increased Productivity and Revenues
    The manual way of reaching out clients and customers can waste a lot of human-hours that can be utilized efficiently in other productive works. IVR can significantly reduce administration time and overhead, thus increasing revenues for your business.
    Increased Efficiency
    82 percent of customers have accepted meetings after a series of contacts beginning with sales on calls. Live conversation can boost interaction, and the advantage of convenience can increase attendance at events.
    Reduce costs
    Why let your customers' scribble appointment details on refrigerator magnets or reminder cards when you can simply remind them with one touch of a call button? Every missed appointment contributes to a significant revenue lost. IVR is cost effective, redces no-shows rates and increases satisfaction.
  • Best Practices
    1-to-1 Communication
    Appointment Reminder lets you sends out customizable phone reminders and 1-to-1 Communication results in better engagement and attendance. Brands can prioritize and reach out proactively and update customers/clients with the appointment details such as time, date and venue. Its scalable feature can help you get better results in a long run.
    Additional Support
    Automated reminder system offers additional support to customers such as instructions can be repeated several times, make changes in the upcoming appointments and connect with a live agent.

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