Verify your customers and protect against fraud with SMS 2FA

Authenticate users via text messages, secure low-level transactions, and add an extra layer of security to your software with SMS two-factor authentication (2FA).
Provides additional layer of security
Passwords are not enough .61% of people reuse passwords across devices and accounts, and 81% of data breaches rely on weak or compromised passwords. A robust security framework has to be multi-layered in order to be effective.Verifing customers account through SMS gives an extra layer of security and ensures that their data is safe and only they can access that.
For Port Networks, SMS has proved extremely valuable in reducing internal frictions and inefficiencies for customer support centres. According to Gartner, 20-50% of all IT calls are for password resets. It seems like people just don’t enjoy remembering multiple passwords
Cost saving
Forrester estimated that large organisations can spend up to $1M to handle password resets. Instead of having a customer call-in, have them verify their identity via 2FA. This will allow them to immediately reset their password, which saves you time, money and an IT headache.
2FA done through SMS ensures every user can benefit this security feature even with a feature phone regardless of mobile data
  • How it works?
    Work towards the end Goal
    Deciede on what you want to achieve through 2FA ,there are multiple use case such as account verification,password reset ,validating fund transfer.
    Set up Your contact List
    Update you contact list in CRM or any other database system
    Intergate SMS API
    Your server makes an API call to the endpoint and passes the destination number that should be verified with 2FA.
    User Recieves SMS
    The user with the destination phone number will receive a one-time verification code that will be used to complete the verification
    Validate the Security Code
    A user will enter the code and entered code will be validated from the backend and the result will be sent back
  • Results
    Reduce fraud and build secure online relationships
    Identity theft, which accounted for 17 percent of all fraud in 2013, . This can result in a loss of trust, credibility and brand equity, and destroy a customer relationship. 90% of fraud victims avoid certain retailers as a result of their victimization, even if the merchant wasn’t responsible for the data breach.2FA provides an additional layer of mobile protection that secures the site, the transaction and customer.
    Major Cost saving
    On average, small businesses which experience a cyber attack spend $879,582 to repair damage to IT assets and $955,429 because of disruption of normal operations. 2FA can help these busniss save cost
    Boost your customer reputation Most consumers don’t mind inputting additional information if it means their data is more secure. In fact, they appreciate the fact that businesses would go to the trouble of protecting their personal information and tend to reward the companies which do so with increased loyalty. That means better customer retention—and higher sales—for you.
  • Best Practices
    Use 2FA to confirm sensitive actions
    2FA is the extra layer of authentication that goes beyond the basic model of a username and a password. When you log in an account, the website will ask you for a code from your phone. If an attacker doesn’t have your phone, they can’t get the code, so they can’t log in.
    Your OTP should be in first few words
    • Your verification code is 4343 for your Quickr request.
    • 4343 is your Facebook confirmation code.
    • Thank you for signing up. To confirm this contact number, your code is 4343.
    Ensure Timely Delivery
    Some provider use grey route to transport your traffic and they charge low fee.Beware of them as they can be fishey and your sms can be delayed
    A time-sensitive OTP delivery service
    One-time password is time-sensitive and should not be treated as an SMS. It requires to be sent through a different route. A dedicated infrastructure is needed for the time-sensitive OTP that needs to be delivered come what may.

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