Twilio SendGrid

Twilio SendGrid is a leader in trusted email delivery.

The powerful cloud-based solution sends transactional and marketing email for thousand of customers, allowing them to focus on their business, instead of their email infrastructure.

World's Best Email Solution
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Single View of the Customer

Success Streamlined

Build meaningful connections with smart email marketing.
- Use our library of responsive templates, or start from scratch
- Design with drag & drop tools, pure HTML, or both
- Avoid being boxed in by rigid step-by-step flows

Smart Email Marketing for Better Relationships

Scale with Trust

- SPF records, custom DKIM, feedback loops, and dedicated IP addresses
- Consultation from delivery experts on M3AAWG, ESPC, DMA, and EEC
- Partnerships with mailbox providers like Gmail, Microsoft and Verizon Media

Reliable Inbox Delivery at Scale

Start Sending

High-Speed Delivery

Our proprietary mail transfer agent (MTA) delivers powerful performance to accomplish your goals—proven at scale to deliver over 100 billion emails/mo.

One Platform for All

Marketers and developers alike are empowered with modern UIs built on best-in-breed APIs. Embrace a single solution and leave silos behind.

Reach the Inbox

Maximize deliverability rates with our industry-leading 96% average inboxing rate and dedicated IPs and custom domains

Light lift, Heavy Results

Create high-impact email automations in hours—not days—with simple triggers and a centralized view of the messages and timing of your series.

Ideas --> Reality