WhatsApp for Business - Everything You Need To Know

Unless you’ve been off the grid, you would have surely noticed how WhatsApp for Business has become the talk of the town. In fact, it is one of the most trending and highly effective communication platforms, being rapidly adopted by businesses. So, what is making WhatsApp for Business such a hit? What are its business benefits? What is technology? How can it represent a business? There must be so many questions in your head!A large number of individuals and organizations out there are utilizing their own personal WhatsApp accounts for their business activities. They're using WhatsApp for customer support and service, lead generation and relationship management. But many of the accounts are personal, talking about business. It only made sense that the conversations shifted from personal accounts of representatives and employees and shifted to a more formal profile that represented business as a whole. Capitalizing the power of a medium that is massively adopted by the global population, for the benefit of businesses is a cinch of an idea. WhatsApp for Business API was introduced in 2018. It targeted small and medium-sized businesses to aid their communication. It was mainly to reach out to clients and prospects on a medium that is widely popular. It is just like being out there on Facebook and LinkedIn so that you become reachable and accessible to your customers. What is WhatsApp Business? WhatsApp for Business Account or WABA solves for a business that is the very fundamental to nurture customer relationships: Being always available to your customers, increasing brand reach and visibility, building trust and loyalty and ultimately not missing out an opportunity by being available on a widely used channel. It is not a surprise that WhatsApp for Business has not only interested SMEs but big companies as well, who wish to expand their presence and make sure to penetrate in their user journey by accessing each touchpoint possible. WhatsApp, which has the adoption of about 1/5th of the global population, is clearly too big a medium to omit, businesses have come to realize. WhatsApp for Business has the following components for your business representation:

  • Verified Business Profile
  • Company Address
  • Company Email
  • Company Description
  • Website Link
  • Business Timings

One also has the facility to view and measure open and read rates of messages helping in analytics and making it easier to respond to customers.

What can you do with WhatsApp Business Account?

  • Upload contact directory and segregate users
  • Send broadcast messages
  • Setup business replies for various business situations using WhatsApp Business API
  • Configure automated messages for user engagement with your brand on WhatsApp like greetings, away messages or quick replies
  • Add labels to messages on WhatsApp Business App
  • Send notifications and updates
  • Set up reminders and appointments
  • Create a business profile reflecting all business details and description for brand representation

What is WhatsApp Business API?

  • WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world, which has now opened for businesses. Over 1.5 billion users across 180+ countries and 60 billion texts are exchanged daily on the platform.
  • It enables you to converse with your customers instantly, engaging them 24X7. There is no waiting time for your customers. One can communicate with them instantly, synchronously and asynchronously, transforming engagement.
  • It is a secure communication channel with end to end encryption, so the transactions become secure and the channel becomes trustworthy.
  • Over 56% of customers prefer texting customer services than wait for long durations over phone calls
  • A Dimensions Data study reveals that nine out of ten consumers would prefer using messaging to communicate with businesses
  • Being a part of exclusive WhatsApp verified business community gives a business an edge over others for being accessible by the users at any instant in any part of the world

There are numerous business use cases & customizations available, however, most popular features include:

  1. Notifications: Send important transactional notifications, updates, provide real-time information and status tracking
  2. Inquiries: Respond to FAQs and Inquiries on products and services from customers and prospects
  3. Support + Feedback: Support your customers through WhatsApp on products & services by resolving grievances, answering queries and taking feedback
  4. Engagement + Lead: Engage customers on the app & capture leads through conversing with customers and finding their interest
  5. Reminders and Appointments: Enable bookings for appointments and push reminders and critical alerts to customers

WhatsApp Business API powers communication with customers all over the world. It is a secure and reliable way of connecting with your customers. In order to create a WhatsApp API for Business Account or WABA, your business would need to partner with one of WhatsApp’s global business solutions providers. They are the organizations that are messaging experts in customer communication for businesses and enterprises. This is precisely why we are here- to enable WhatsApp communication for your business. All you need to do is write to us on marketing@vfirst.com and we take care of the complete process from setting up WhatsApp for Business Account, enabling WhatsApp API to get your account approval to start business communication. You can also download your eBook on WhatsApp Business here.

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