The one with Shweta Singh (Unilodgers)

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In the second episode, Shoury Gupta (ValueFirst) hosts Shweta Singh (Unilodgers). Our second guest on The Digital Couch, Shweta is Chief Business Officer at Unilodgers. Shweta has held board positions at Fitso,, LetsMD, and Sheroes. She has been on the leadership teams at Lumis Capitals and SRI Capital. Shweta ran an early-stage investment firm – Sol Primero where she invested in high-growth Indian internet businesses across various sectors. She has worked at Zomato and UBS Bank in the past. Shweta holds an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, a master's from the University of Cambridge, and an undergrad degree from St. Stephens College, University of Delhi.

Shweta speaks about her journey, technology, investment, COVID-19, and other riveting conversations.

A walk through the Journey

From changing 13 schools in 12 years to switching so many career options, for Shweta Singh, change was the only constant in her life. Belonging from an IIT family, Shweta takes us through her journey of getting rejected from IIT to taking life-changing experiences at colleges. She has had her interests in maths but was that enough to get on the path of engineering? Catch our second guest spilling some enticing tidbits of her life from St. Stevens to Cambridge to Wharton and switching her studies from engineering to economics to Ph.D. and finally settling at MBA.

“You can make a lot of plans but life has something else in store"

Shweta experienced a looming financial crisis as she entered the banking Industry. And that's where she learned her first lesson, “and the best that you can do is just kind of embrace, what comes your way and kind of do your best in that situation." After investing five years in the sector, she decided to get a little competitive and pursued an MBA. Later, in between finance to dawning into Tech, Shweta had to put all the dotted lines together and make sure she sticks to the path that she chose.

Change the course of what tomorrow would look like

Meeting exciting people, being in a fascinating team with an NBA draft player, a fighter pilot who served during the Afghanistan war, and an Israeli from the military, landing a gig at Flipkart, and having action-packed experiences, Shweta surely had a lot to offer.

“It is related to sales because it's all about business"

When asked about the role of the Chief Business Officer, a position that many confuse with only sales at times, Shweta takes us through her work at Unilodgers and how they go the extra mile to be the king of the 80-billion-dollar accommodation industry.

“None of this was planned!"

From enjoying her career at Zomato to getting into the investment space and co-founding an early-stage investment firm Sol Primero, Shweta takes us through her incredible stories of investment, businesses, problems, and learning about the B2B industry.

“It's been really fantastic"

Unlike others, Shweta has found the pandemic period to be incredibly fantastic. How? She got to enjoy the precious time with her baby who just turned one last month. "Watching her grow in between my calls in between my lunch break...makes a lot of difference. I’m able to see her watch her so closely", Shweta on loving the pandemic period.

Catch Shweta Singh, co-founder and managing partner at Sol Primero, telling her gripping stories, sharing all the constant changes, and bits of advice for women entering the industry only on The Digital Couch.

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