The one with Amit Haralalka (TATA Digital)

Welcome to The Digital Couch Season II where we publish another conversation featuring leading global thinkers from the world of business, management, and marketing. Who all are coming for Season II? Discover unbiased, actionable, and in-depth stories from growth-minded people on the podcast every week.

The third installment of Season II drops off on Spotify where Vijayant Dhaka (ValueFirst) hosts Amit Haralalka (TATA Digital). Vijayant is Senior Vice President at ValueFirst and helps consumer and brands automate their marketing Communications. Our third guest, Amit is the author of 'The Fresh Brew' and currently manages product at TATA Digital. Amit has worked across India, China, Europe, and the US. He loves being at the intersection of digital, culture, and people. Prior to his current role with the Tata group, Amit has worked in marketing and brand management with Lodha Group and lead new market expansion as VP and GM for China at Capillary Technologies where he co-innovated customer engagement products.

His journey has been very interesting and quite inspiring. Listen to his varied set of experiences that came along the way only on The Digital Couch.

“What transformed us from Boys to Men"

The connection that our host and guest share is that they come from the same college that is BIT Ranchi. They take a stroll down memory lane sharing their nostalgic experiences. Amit takes us through his journey as a student from BIT Mesra to IIM Lucknow and some thrilling experiences from hostel life. Catch our second guest spilling some beans on living a life in a 700-acre campus and experiencing chilled-out life in engineering to enjoying a more academic and activity focused setting in MBA.

“Don't let society's expectations of your academic qualification undermine what you have always wanted to do."

Amit shares the story about one of his very special moment of becoming a published writer and launching his book- The Fresh Brew, blessed with a foreword by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Discover what caught him to write a book, understanding what people need to become an entrepreneur, and some fascinating tales from Alumni of IIM Lucknow.

“Accountability is more governance focused in larger corporates."

Going forward, Amit shares his thoughts and views about moving in and out of startup ecosystem and geographies, his professional journey, and what is it like working in big companies like TATA and a startup at Capillary Technologies. What does he prefer- a corporate setting or a startup? Learn about his dog and pony show and his phenomenal experiences.

“You should have a customer on board before you enter the market."

When asked for his advice for a sales leader or an entrepreneur who's looking to set up an office or to sell in China, Amit enlightens us with a simple yet intriguing response-"If you want to sell in China you have to be Chinese. Be native Chinese!" Understanding the cultural and selling nuances can be a real game-changer. Tune in to the podcast to get all the insights.

“SMS as a form of communication has become pretty much redundant for Brands."

Furthermore, Amit had his say when asked about his views on the Indian brands, customer engagement, and having a sophisticated CRM in place of smart loyalty Solutions. He was impressed by SMS as a platform and its features like notifications and OTPs.

“Lot of different sort of dimensions to analyze and slice and dice."

Catch Amit Haralalka, sharing his fond memories from college days, varied set of experiences from launching a book, moving across continents, working in the ecosystem, being a native Chinese, learning customer engagement across cultures, and amazing case studies only on The Digital Couch.

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