SMS & 2021- A Match Made in Heaven

The eCommerce industry is growing at a breakneck speed. Online firms generated $3.5 trillion in revenue in 2019, and they are projected to reach the $4.9 trillion mark in 2021. Though e-mail marketing has long been the preferred choice of e-commerce marketers to send messages, Enterprise SMS is gaining more traction.

Why? Because it can perforate better than any other channel through the noise. 

Envision your company's marketing messages achieved a 98% open rate within five minutes of hitting—sans requirement of an internet connection. That's precisely what a specialized two-way SMS platform by Value First can help you achieve.

Individuals are conditioned to react naturally to these dings and vibrations; SMS sounds like regular communication for many contemporary smartphone users.

Both Promotional and Transactional SMS can vouch for almost perfect engagement scores at any point and anywhere. That's because customers are turned on more than ever. Do you know, on average, people pick up their phones 58 times a day? We're all guilty of that.

SMS, which works in tandem with other platforms such as e-mail, lets you communicate with people when they're ready to do so and push them through your sales funnel via smooth interactions. Additionally, through leveraging this multi-channel fallback mechanism, a two-way SMS platform by Value First ensures delivery of OTPs and critical notification to uptown 100%.

Here are a few reasons why Promotional and Transactional SMS interaction should be your highest priority if you intend to stay on top of your game in 2021.

Millennials seldom part with their phones.

SMS can be a valuable tool for targeting any age demographic, but it's particularly helpful in reaching out to the Millennials and Gen Z. About seven years ago, a survey confirmed that almost 80 percent of people aged 18 to 44 had their mobile phones 22 hours a day—we're assuming, it's only during bath time that they didn't take the gadget along.

Today, adults and youngest millennials might not recall a time when mobile phones were not part of their daily lives. Smartphones are not just communication instruments for these generations;  It's very extension of them. 

People open texts quicker than e-mails.

Individuals are more likely to view text messages—and open them faster—than e-mail messages. According to Gartner, SMS messages have an average open rate of 98%, while e-mails only have 20%. 

Attain higher ROI with spend

The overall cost of SMS marketing varies on how many texts you choose to send and which service you use. Yet average rates fluctuate between $40 and a few hundred dollars per month for thousands of messages. And because about 98% of those texts are being opened, you get access to any user for peanuts, or less—and that's quite cost-effective.

Fast Delivery

On average, text messages are viewed within two minutes after receipt. This makes SMS marketing an excellent platform for time-sensitive promotions, such as EOD deals or flash sales.

Media API

MediaAPI feature offered by Value First enables you to embed rich media such as images, PDFs, audio files, and more directly on SMS in the form of a short link that your user can click and access.

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