S02E10: The one with Gautam Nimmagadda (Quixy)


We kicked off Season 2 of The Digital Couch with a BANG and it was a joy ride. The season saw 10 interesting personalities from different walks of life, learned more about industry leaders, their stories as we moved clockwise, episode by episode. As we've come to the end of Season 2, we discovered unbiased, actionable, and in-depth stories from growth-minded people on the podcast every week. The season also got awarded 'India's Upcoming Business Podcast' by Spotify. Thank you to all our listeners for making it big!

In case, you've missed any of the episodes, listen to them here. ValueFirst will be back with Season 3 soon. Stay tuned!

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In the season finale episode of The Digital Couch, Shoury Gupta (ValueFirst) is joined by Gautam Nimmagadda (Quixy). Gautam is the CEO & Founder of Quixy. Quixy is a no-code digital transformation software to help automate business processes & workflows and build enterprise applications. Shoury and Gautam speak about digital transformation, SMBs, no-code platforms, and more.

"We've managed to get 50+ customers into five countries across five continents and different industry verticals."
Gautam commenced the episode by sharing his mission, vision, and journey so far. He took us to his intriguing journey of college days, exposure to various kinds of streams and managing projects, and becoming an entrepreneur.

"The next 5 to 10 years of digital transformation is going to massively change how the world is going to do business."
While in the conversation with Mr. Gautam Nimmagadda, he shed some light on the digital transformation, making automation a priority, and the importance of transforming to become competitive and differentiating ourselves in the hyper-competitive world. Discover how digital transformation can become a huge torchbearer in the revolution only on The Digital Couch.

"It's no longer important for us to know how to code, but it is important for us to know what problems we want to solve."
As we dive deep into the podcast, our 10th guest takes a riveting turn to explain the functionalities of a no-code platform and how it removes the bottleneck of the shortage of developers across the world. No-code platforms democratize the ability to create software that brings agility and flexibility to the table while developers can focus much deeper harder problems to solve.

"Enhance their digital capabilities instead of trying to replace their core systems."
Moving forward, Gautam speaks about SMB's and large corporations using no-code platforms. He believes that businesses will use the platform to speed up their digital footprint and help them in engaging with their stakeholders better.

"It has laid the foundations for the digital and data-driven business world."
As the pandemic changed the world overnight, we've seen digital transformation worth ten years, done in ten months. Gautam enlightens us with his views on this transformation, automation, and re-strategizing ourselves. He focused on changing strategies on how we market, sell, and bring value to the customers.

"Always have your eyes open, always see what's happening in the world."
We cannot have a season finale without knowing how had the pandemic been for our guest, personally and professionally. While things accelerated for Quixy during these unprecedented times, Gautam is filled with gratitude for not getting infected. As he quoted, "Being healthy is as important as being successful and happy", and we couldn't agree more.

Catch Gautam Nimmagadda(Quixy), technology enthusiast and a motivated leader, closing Season 2 with his gripping stories, digital transformation, no-code platforms, and more only on The Digital Couch.

This podcast is a wrap of Season 2. Thanks for listening. And until next time, Adios!

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