S02E09: The one with Priya Dar (Amway)


Welcome to The Digital Couch Season II where every week we publish another conversation featuring leading global thinkers from the world of business, management, and marketing. Who all are coming for Season II? Discover and learn more about the people, their stories as we move clockwise, episode by episode!

In this episode of The Digital Couch, Vijayant Dhaka (ValueFirst) is joined by Priya Dar (Amway). Priya is Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Amway India. In her previous avatars, she held leadership roles at Godfrey Phillips, Indus Towers, Capgemini, and other organizations. Vijayant and Priya speak about digital transformation, COVID-19 , the FMCG sector, and more. 

"With a lot of excitement and with a lot of energy, I kind of grew into this."

Priya has been in the industry for more than two decades now. As an industry veteran, Priya has experience in strategy, budget management, customer facing digital solution mapping, management, and operations of applications in various industries including FMCG, telecommunication, retail, and finance. Our guest kicked-off the episode speaking about her journey over the years, roles and responsibilities, growing vertically and horizontally, and putting people, process, and technology together.

"If you have more women in projects, if you have more women in leadership, the output is impacted."

When asked about the topic of #WomenInTech, breaking barriers, and creating a gender-balanced team, Priya Dar believes we should talk more about women inclusiveness. Discover the importance of having a support system at home and great mentors that come along the way only on The Digital Couch.

"Everyone in business I speak to, the first thing that is in their mind is we cannot let business suffer."

Moving forward, Priya speaks about evolving digitally at lightning speed, embracing the change and growth mindset. From virtual training, online product launches, and chatbots, our guest has a lot to say about the change in mindset in the Covid-19 era.

"We have to kind of look at everything that we do from a consumers' lens."

Our ninth guest, Priya Dar speaks about marketing automation, a concept that could be equivalent to the fourth industrial revolution. She enlightens us with her views on cross-channel and multi-channel marketing, centralizing the data, brand language, personalization, loyalty cycle, and creating a story. She believes that technology and marketing have to come together to understand customers' needs and make them come back on our platform.

Catch Priya Dar, Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Amway, speaking about her journey, #WomenInTech, growth mindset, and marketing Automation only on The Digital Couch.

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